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Company Policy


The Management in Party Cruisers is committed to provide a healthy work culture and environment to its employees.
They form part of the strong link which has helped the Company grow from its modest beginnings.



Based on the approved manpower plan, the HR department will initiate the recruitment process which involves sourcing candidates from various sources including consultants and once the shortlisted CVs are received, interviews and selection are finalized, based on clearly laid down processes.


Party Cruisers is committed to promoting equal opportunities at the work place and values diversity and encourages fairness and justice.
Encourages equality of opportunity for all people and actively promote good relations.
Eliminates any conditions, procedures and individual behavior that can lead to discrimination even where there was no intent to discriminate, with particular regard to race; gender, age, religion and beliefs.


New Hire On-boarding is a formal welcoming process that is designed to make the new employee feel comfortable in the new environment. He/ she is informed about the company, job role & position.


A new employee will be on probation period for 6 months starting from the date of joining.
On successful completion of the same, a confirmation letter would be given to confirm the employee as a permanent employee of Party Cruisers Ltd.
Failure to demonstrate satisfactory performance in the probation period will extend the probation and even can lead to termination.
however for BDM team – within 3 months revenue must be generated or may result in termination or maybe further 3 month probation.



  • Basic
  • HRA
  • Conveyance
  • Medical
  • Special Allowance
  • Performance Incentive (where applicable)
  • Others


  • The company pays the salary of the employees by cheque.
  • The salary gets distributed on or before 10th of every month
  • A systematic on-boarding activity aligns the individual’s personal motivators and strengths with the organization’s business goals and priorities. The Manager and HR conduct the on-boarding process for the new employee. It includes:
  • An overview of the organization
  • Introduction to company’s goals & objectives
  • Understanding of various business processes
  • Review of Job description and scope of position
  • Introduction to the departmental staff and senior management team of the organization and overview of company’s policies, benefits, taxes, and other legal issues.
  • At the time of joining, the HR department will provide a Joining Kit to all new hires in order to get them acquainted with the various processes and structure of the organization. The Joining Kit would include:
  • Employee Handbook
  • Appointment letter
  • Salary breakup
  • Job description
  • Employee Personal Data form to be filled
  • Directory Sheet containing important telephone nos. & ext. nos.


  • All staff are requested to follow the lunch time for 30 TO 45 minutes
  • The lunch time can be taken between 1 pm to 2.30pm for 30 to 45 minutes
  • Please also note that you are not allowed to go down for any other recreation beyond the above prescribe time.


  • In case an employee has any doubt / any query to be resolved, HR helpdesk is there to provide support and help.
  • We ensure that all the queries and complaints are resolved in two working days.
  • You can feel free to be in touch with us in any of the ways mentioned below:
  • HR helpdesk number – 022-49739351 /9967160222
  • Mail id :


  • Company has an open door / open communication policy.
  • If an employee has any kind of grievance, he/she must talk it out with the immediate manager/ Department Head. The managers must take utmost care, caution and compassion to handle such grievances if they are real and legitimate.
  • The employee can approach the HR or the Directors if he/she is not satisfied with the manager’s response.


Sr. No. Systems Points Details
1 Timing System (HO / Godown) 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (20 Minutes Grace Timing) if came after 10.20 than late mark, if came after 10.45 than mark Hlaf day , if came after 12 noon than marked absent.
2 Leaves (HO / Godown) We have a policy of allowing 1 day a month as causal leave over and above the 4 offs in a month. This 1 days is for any emergency etc. If it’s more than 1 day then The HOD has to sanction or otherwise 2.5 is gets deducted.
3 Attendance Chart Start updating daily as per systems … get details from all places daily and update on this chart …for the godown also ref to the WA chat details, sandeep have to maintain a log book of their daily activities. This is maintained st the reception. In the absence of them filling the details they will be considered marked as absent. At HO everyone has to punch in the biometric machine when they come to office and leave office . Which means whenever they are in office the machine must get used only. If they are setup for the day or few days then they can come the next day and mention on the register the details of the previous day/days lates /half day etc will be marked if timings aren’t followed.
HO biometric and register is followed. GODOWN Thru biometric and chart. This must get be update everyday in the ATTENDANCE CHART FORMAT. Any DISCREPANCIES BRING IT TO MY NOTICE BEFORE PREPARING THE SALARIES.
5 Sick & Casual Leave System Back office employees can maximum avail one Sick or Casual leave in a month and a maximum of 12 in a year. This one leave a month will be either marked absent in case of new comers or adjusted with yearly leave for people with the company for more than 6 months. In case this Sick / Casual Leave exceeds more than one a month than the days absent will be marked as 2.5 days. Unless it is specifically approved by Zuzer Sir.
6 Leaves & Compoffs Adjust leave and comp offs to be updated every month at the time of preparing salarys
7 DAILY PARTY /OT CHART to be emailed to HARSHAD daily by Godown BACK OFF PERSON, Pls check and come back if sudesh and you are coordinating and emailing this chart to HARSHAD daily. I have to be kept in CC too on this email Swati can coordinate and overlook this.
8 SALARY WORK systems employee master sheet update at the time of making salarys systems of one person senior giving salary and taking their grievances.
TO BE submitted by the salary making person in HO.
  • Leave/Resignation/Absonding
Next 5 to 6 months are very crucial for us to maintain our business tasks. All of us were equally responsible for to complete the business tasks at our own levels. Hence the management has decided that the following policies are not allowed during our business season :-

  1. UN APPROVED LEAVE during this period
  2. RESIGNATION during this period
  3. ABSCONDING during this period

Company will take disciplinary and legal action against those who are not adhere the above policies.


If the employee completes one year as on 31st March, then on 1st April, 30 days leave will get credited to his account. In case he has joined mid-year, then he will get leave on a prorated basis up to 31st March. However, the employee can avail of the prorated leave only on completion of one year of service.Accumulation of leave : An employee can accumulate his leave up to 42 days. Unavailed leave beyond 42 days will lapse


If employees have availed of more than 2 days of Sick Leave at a stretch they should submit a medical certificate from the concerned.
Leave of up to 3 days must be planned 15 days in advance. Leave for longer duration must be planned at least one month in advance.
The cut off timing for half day will be 12 noon for reporting and 1.30 p.m. for leaving.
The Company encourages its employees to plan their leave entitlements carefully in order to meet the needs of the employee and company. Wherever possible, the leave must be planned in a way that minimizes impact on work. Employees are encouraged to convey their leave plans at the beginning of the year to the immediate superior so that all team members can adjust their schedules.
The immediate superior / Head of department has the discretion to sanction, revise, curtail or revoke leave at any time according to exigencies of work.
Compensatory off : Working on Public Holiday / Sunday – An employee fill up leave application form for compensatory off and mention which holiday / weekly off he was working. This must be approved by immediate superior and submitted to HR department for record.
At HO, all Sundays will be off. In case any individual is called to office for work, then he/she will be compensated for the extra working hours on a hourly rate basis.

3.2.1 LEAVE

Leave will not be sanctioned during season time.

Leave during first year of joining :

An employee will not be eligible for leave during the first year of joining. In case he/she takes leave during this period, salary will be deducted for that day.
In case of emergency, it will be solely at the discretion of the immediate superior to approve his/her leave. In case the employee remain absent without intimation, it will be treated as Unauthorized absence, resulting in 2.5 days deduction per day of leave

Leave on completion of 12 months of service :


Working Days
The standard work schedule for Party Cruisers is 6 days in a week.
Head Office – Monday to Saturday,10.00 am to 7.00 pm (Including lunch time of 30 minutes)


Holiday list for the year 2018 for Party Cruisers is as below

Sr No Festival
1 New Year
2 Republic Day
3 Holi
4 Maharashtra Day
5 Ramzan Eid
6 Independence Day
7 Ganesh Chaturthi
8 Dussehra
9 Diwali Laxmi Puja
10 Diwali New year
HOLIDAY CHART- Optional  Holiday List
11 Good Friday Optional
12 Janmashtmi Optional
13 Moharam Optional
14 Gandhi Jayanti Optional
15 Diwali (Bhai Dooj) Optional
16 Christmas Optional


Dear All,
Rachana and I are aware of our staff hard work contributed towards the growth of our company but we also want them to improve in certain work profile , wherein we face constant issues in resolving them and bearing loss of time n money. Hence we have decided to set up a process towards improvement. These deductions will be based on the seriousness of the work loss in respect to time n money.We have termed the deduction Level wise

  • Level 1 – warning
  • Level 2 – 250 deduction
  • Level 3 – 500 deduction
  • Level 4 – 1000 deduction
  • Level 5 – 2.5 Days deduction
  • Level 6 – Increment held back for that month
  • Level 7 – Termination from the job

The above deduction will be imposed on the work related as listed below :

  1. Communication /feedback/update on work assigned
  2. Assigned work not done /constant reminders have to be given.
  3. Lack of taking responsibility on any issues wherein the company has incurred loss of time n money.
  4. Punctuality / attendance.
  5. Any other work related category.

Please also note that we are not interested in deducting our staff salaries , but want to ensure that our staff improve on their work processes so that the company can concentrate more in business growth than wasting time on sorting petty issues.

We need all our staff to be more efficient and responsible in their work so that they can also prosper in their career along with company growth.

Thanks n Regards Zuzer Lucknowala & Rachana Lucknowala


Good personal conduct contributes to a good work environment for all. Below mentioned Code of Conduct is a formal disclosure of the way an organization operates and will be binding on all employees:

Policy Description
Internet The internet is a facility provided for business use. Access is authorized by management on the basis of business needs. Private use is not permitted so that it does not interfere with or distract from a person’s work. Management has the right to access the system to determine whether private use is excessive or inappropriate.
Drugs Violations of laws relating to controlled substances are prohibited in or around office premises, any worksite or location at which office duties are being performed, or as part of any other office activities.
Alcohol Consumption of alcohol within the premises of the office or any worksite is strictly prohibited.
No Smoking Policy In keeping with the Company’s intent to provide a safe and healthy work environment, and as defined by the National policy, smoking is prohibited within office premises.
Sexual Harassment Company is committed to ensuring employees are treated fairly and equally in an environment free of intimidation and sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is an unacceptable form of behavior which will not be tolerated under any circumstances. All complaints of sexual harassment will be treated seriously and promptly, with due regard to confidentiality. Disciplinary action will be taken against any employee who breaches the policy.
Confidentiality policy Employees are not allowed to conduct any private trading or business within the company premises. Employees will not at any time without the written consent of the Management, disclose or divulge or make public, except on legal obligations, any information regarding the Company’s affairs, business plans, administration or research carried out whether the same may be confided to the employee or become known to him in course of his service or otherwise.
Phone call Employees are not allowed to use official phone for personal calls. Personal calls at office should be avoided.
  • Loud pitch in the office should be avoided.
  • Discussion on topics which can lead to unwelcomed behavior and argumentations should be avoided.
  • Personal clashes at the office should be avoided.
Dress Code for HO
  • On all working days, the employees are expected to be dressed in a presentable manner.
  • Staff dealing with clients must always be dressed in formal attire


Separation can happen on account of the following:

  • Resignation
  • Abandonment
  • Termination
  • Retirement

In case Resignation: In this case, the employee resigning will have to complete the following formalities

  • Submit a formal resignation letter to the HR Department
  • Serve a formal notice period as mentioned in the appointment letter, starting from the date of his resignation
  • Appear for the exit Interview scheduled by the HR Department
  • Submit all the Company belongings under his custody on his last working day
Only on completion of the above formalities, the HR Department will issue an experience letter and relieving letter to the employee on his name. In case of Abandonment:A confirmed employee, who does not report to work for three consecutive workdays, and an employee on probation, who does not report for two consecutive days, does not communicate the supervisor of the reason and duration of the absence, will be considered to have absconded.
Proper notice and warning letters will be issued to him at the address mentioned in the application form. Failure to reply to the letter will result in termination of the service.
No experience/ relieving letter will be issued to the employee in such cases.
Moreover, the company retains the right to hold the salary of the employee and also the right to claim for all the company’s belongings with him.


“During probation, you will be required to give at least 30 days notice in case of your decision to leave the organization. However after Confirmation, two month’s notice will be applicable. Similarly if the management decides to terminate your services, one months notice will be applicable after confirmation. However, during probation period, no notice will be applicable. If under any circumstances Yourself have not been able to serve the applicable notice period then yourself will have to compensate the Company with 4 months of your salary. Your clearance will only be made if all terms and conditions of the company are fulfilled. Failure on your part will result in complete non-clearance of pending dues.”


Sr. No. Meeting Conveyance for SALES TEAM
1 All the event managers at HO r requested to submit their meeting exps on weekly basis.
2 The exps have to be approved by Rachana Mam either on paper /email/whatsup
3 The Internal auditor will check the same.
4 Incase of any discrepancies found , it will be brought to your notice
5 Thereafter it will be submitted to accounts for payment.
6 Accounts will check the approval , do the entry in Meeting conveyance head and make the payment.
7 Accounts to file the signed VCR alongwith the approved meeting sheet in respective file .
Sr. No. Event Conveyance – for PRODUCTION TEAM at HO & GODOWN
  • All the event team at HO n Godown r requested to submit their event conveyance IMMEDIATELY after Event to accounts dept.
  • If travel by uber/cab/Auto/train/bus to submit the snap shot of the meter reading/ticket to be attached.
2 The same will be put in event folder and it will be checked by Event manager/Harshad
3 Thereafter it will be submitted for approval to ZL /RL
4 It will checked by Internal Auditor.
5 Incase of any discrepancies found, it will be highlighted/corrected.
6 accounts will check the approval , do the entry in Event conveyance head and make the payment.
7 Accounts to file the signed VCR along with the approved Event conveyance sheet in respective file.
Sr. No. General Conveyance – BACK OFFICE
  • All the back office team at HO r requested to submit their conveyance on IMMEDIATELY to accounts dept.
  • If travel by uber/cab/Auto/train/bus to submit the snap shot of the meter reading/ticket to be attached.
2 The event conveyance exps have to be approved by respective head
3 Incase of any discrepancies found, it will be highlighted/corrected.
4 Thereafter it will be submitted for approval to ZL
5 Accounts will check the approval , do the entry in general conveyance head and make the payment
6 Accounts to file the signed VCR along with the approved general conveyance sheet in respective file
7 Thereafter it will checked by Internal Auditor on monthly basis.
Sr. No. Purchase Conveyance
  • All the Event team at HO n Godown r requested to submit their purchase conveyance on their Requisition settlement sheet within 7 days (from the date of IOU) to accounts dept.
  • If travel by uber/cab/Auto/train/bus to submit the snap shot of the meter reading/ticket to be attached.
2 The Requisition settlement to be approved by respective Event Manager.
3 Thereafter it will be approved by RL/ZL.
4 Incase of any discrepancies found, it will be highlighted/corrected.
5 Accounts will check the approval , do the entry in Purchase conveyance head and make the payment .
6 Accounts to file the signed VCR along with the approved purchase conveyance sheet in respective file
7 Thereafter it will checked by Internal Auditor on monthly basis.
Sr. No. BDM Conveyance
  • All BDM team has to submitted their conveyance sheet as n when travelled.
  • If travel by uber/cab/Auto/train/bus to submit the snap shot of the meter reading/ticket to be attached.
2 the conveyance sheet will be approved by ZL
3 Incase of any discrepancies found, it will be highlighted/corrected and informed to the respective team member
4 Accounts will check the approval , do the entry in BDM conveyance head and make the payment .
5 Accounts to file the signed VCR along with the approved conveyance sheet in respective file
6 Thereafter it will checked by Internal Auditor on monthly basis.
1 Employees can claim reimbursement for travel, accommodation, meals & incidental expenses and other sundry expenses as per approved limits subject to the requisite approval of the Functional Head and in case of Functional Head, Management
2 All travel is to be planned and performed in the most economical and expeditious manner practicable.Employees can claim reimbursement for official work as per the entitlements as per company policy.