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A marriage ceremony between a man and woman happens once in a lifetime. Even if you end up marrying twice or thrice, there is something about your wedding day that you will live to remember. And to be honest, you want the memorable cues to be good rather than bad. To be almost sure that nothing bad will happen during your big day, choose Party Cruisers Limited.

We are among the most passionate event organizers in India. We know exactly what we do and are in love with every aspect of our work. Whether you want to just consult us or assign the whole day’s planning to us, we are ready. Our business is well equipped with everything: personnel, equipment, knowledge and technology. We act fast, but accurately, ensuring that everything goes according to our clients’ plans.

Why you should trust us:

Party Cruisers Ltd has been doing business for years in Mumbai and other places near this big city. We had our humble beginnings as bridal venue decorators. Today we have grown so big that we transform couples’ lives every single day. Our full-service bridal boutique is a one-stop shop for every couple looking to wed soon. The theme or size of your ceremony does not deter us. We stay passionate no matter what we have to deal with. Above all, we are affordable and dependable planners, even if you have a short time before your ceremony happens. We can do emergency or long time event planning. It all depends on you, our esteemed prospective customer.

We do Easy and classy destination weddings:

Bridal ceremonies that are done in the same traditional manner can get boring if you use a less creative planner . With us, you can expect the most beautiful cultural nuptials. We can handle all sorts of themed weddings. Whether you prefer Indian themes or foreign ones, we are ready to follow your needs to the letter. If you wish to take your nuptial to a foreign or local beach, or to another exotic place, your wish is our command. Our company is extremely experienced in organizing destination weddings and honeymoons. These are difficult and tricky to manage on your own. So, give us a chance to make them successful and classy. Some of our former customers did their weddings in Mauritius, Tanzania, Thailand and Antalya among other destinations . For that reason, we are the most unlimited service providers in India.

We help you marry in style:

This is the 21st century and everybody has their own way to enjoy their most special moments in life. As a consequence, we are normally prepared to customize our themes to suit your special needs. Whether you wish to try a Balinese bridal theme or perhaps a Rajwada theme, we will honor your wishes. It will be our work to pick classy and functional vehicles for the bride and bridegroom and for guests. Furthermore, how much food and beverages will be served, where the party will be held and how the decorations will be done will be our work. You can make suggestions any time you wish and ask for guidance along the way. We are ready to source everything, including bridal clothing, shoes, jewelry, gifts, flowers, decoration stuff and cards among other things.

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