Wedding Decor Tips for Indian Weddings

indian wedding decor and planning ideas

The wedding day is always special in one’s life and everyone desire to make it dream wedding, but today wedding decoration has take top place in the market. Various themes and different kind of decoration is the craze of the generation. Here I share my ideas for bride to be and I hope this will help to you getting wedding décor tips especially Indian weddings.


Choose real flowers


Use fresh flowers in wedding decoration to complement the natural beauty of your surroundings and always choose real flowers in wedding decoration.

 Use big blossoms



Find fuller blooms that are more romantic like Garden pink roses, peonies, parrot tulips, magnolias and gardenias are a few good options.

Have a single bloom

calla lily bouquets

Simple cream calla lily bouquets provides great look and are romantic without breaking the bank. Other option –  all rose arrangements in a pop of colors.

Take care in setup selection

Use small square tables


Smaller tables give you an opportunity to have inspired conversations rather than just make small talk because you’re surrounded by so many people. And try 1 long table for groups of guests, setting everyone up at one big table and make them feel intimate. Especially avoid round tables. Round tables are too traditional and look corporate.

Curl up your sweetheart table


Your wedding day flies by so fast and you rarely get the opportunity to take breath and absorb the excitement of beautiful wedding ambience around you. Setting a table is a place for two. Where you and your new spouse get a moment of alone time to appreciate the experience and actually eat peacefully.

Other Decor

Drapes Decoration


Draping a room creates an almost heavenly feel in any space, isn’t it! It helps the room changing mood – flow and feel warm and soft. Draping is also a nice touch for wedding hall or reception areas, where the fabric will float gently in the breeze, gorgeous drapes decoration catch everyone’s eyes.

Consider aromatic flowers put a single gardenia bloom at every place setting

Use textured linens. Today texture is the most popular trend in wedding décor or anything that has texture, from silk and organza to satin and velvet evokes an emotion. Using local textured elements such as palm leaves, shells, grapevines or sand to add dimension to a tablescape.

Décor lounge space – If you can create intimacy by bringing in sitting areas with overstuffed chaises.


Conclusion : I hope these wedding tips will help you while discussion with your wedding planner. We have more wedding ideas on various decorations at

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