How to Make Your Christmas Party Celebration More Happening

If every year you celebrate the festival with your family and friends in a casual way, this year convert the casual gathering into Christmas Party Happening with fun, food, chocolate, cakes, games, dance and many more

In India we usually celebrate Christmas in very casual way. Teenagers and kids celebrate theme party with their own plans and their close friends but other family members make the plan for family gathering and make it a family celebration. People gather to exchange gifts, have drinks and dinner together and discuss about their family and friends. Kids & oldies who are not interested in the discussions spend their time as passive members in the party. Ladies usually do not get the chance to enjoy well as most of the time they are either busy with kids or taking care of guests.

christmas decoration

Follow simple tactics, for get to gather converted into a memorable Christmas celebration.

Preparing for the party:

Christmas Party Games

Party preparation is not a hectic task, choose the right theme for the Christmas party. Here as everybody knows each another and well aware about likings and dislikes of each other. In such case, it is not difficult to decide the activities or menu. Christmas Party decoration is an integral part as it sets the mood for the evening. Decoration with lights, flowers and sainted candles will the atmosphere but it has to choose in such a way that it does not limit the party pace. If there is no enough space, people will start feeling uncomfortable. You have to be ready with number of people attending the party, their seating arrangement, their comfortable excess to other members, number of children and their play and seating area.

Engaging the members:

christmas decoration

Engaging each member with some activity or interest is very crucial, especially children has to be engaged properly. Having a Christmas tree and arrange dance floor for kids to dance on music. Ask the children to decorate the tree will be very interesting activity for children and this would provide enough time to be comfortable. Older member of the family may become a Santa and distribute gifts and chocolates. This will set the perfect Christmas atmosphere for children and old age persons from the family. If there is enough space, even a small area can be kept for Music and dance which will entertain all from the family.

Food & Beverages:

Costa Coffee Christmas Menu

As members are familiar to each other, they also know about their food and beverage preferences. In case if there is any information required, you can call and check about the preference while preparing for the party. Even during the party you have to keep a check on stock for food and beverage and have to be ready with some back up options in case there is a shortage. As shortage of any of food / beverage could possibly left some people dissatisfied which can spoil entire mood. Moreover you have to also keep a check on each member and their liquor intake and also need to stop anyone as and when you feel like.

Surprises always make the moment memorable, hence adding a surprise element to the party would add an additional star to the party. Ladies should also be offered some engaging activities so that they can also celebrate the festival in a memorable way. Cooking and serving should not be put on their head so that they can spend the day as per their wish.

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