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Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Believe it or not, almost every child, we’ve ever talked, claims his or her best birthday parties have been the ones held at home. This doesn’t mean spending a lot of money on overly producing on a lavish party but rather spending your time and energy with your child. The dividends of this investment will last far beyond the actual party day.


Here are the instructions, suggestion, and ideas for creating, selecting and preparing for each party. Setting and preparing the menu, choosing the decorations and favours and selecting and hiring additional entertainment. You can also include an outline of thing you need to make and buy, and an actual schedule of party activities.


Do it yourself Birthday Decoration Ideas

This is your child’s party, and it should be as much unique and personal as you can make it. Anyone can hire a party planner to “do a party”. But if you plan the party with your child, he gets the chance to share all aspects of the planning and ideas which pleases him. You just have to listen and follow what kind of  theme party your child has in his mind, which type of food he loves, which one he want as birthday cake. Guide him according to the party theme.


 DIY Party Invitation Card

Designing and planning the invitation is an important beginning for planning the party. It sets the stage and gets the guests excited long before the party happens. When your guest receives a folded drinking cup for the “Camp-out” Party, a sweepstakes certificate for the “Sweepstake” part, or a thong in a sand filled plastics bag for the “Shipwrecked” party, the anticipation begins as the mood for an exciting party is set.

You may use ready-made invitations or you can always add your own personal touch to these. Choose your own object to send party invitation. Have your child colour in invitation card drawings or add sequins or feathers or any accessories your child adores. Stickers are the perfect answer to many decorating needs. They spruce up thematic invitation, are perfect for making envelops eye catching, and will turn ordinary paper into pretty wrapping paper.


Decide the length of your party according to important events and gathering time. You don’t have to have a long party; as a matter of fact, a two-hour party that is well planned and chock full of activates is a guaranteed success, while a disorganized gathering for four hours is a sure disaster.


Gather your help and let them know the schedule of the party. Acquaint them with the children, the games, and the food. Here’s good rule of thumb: You Need one adult for every five young children (up to five years old), and one for every eight older kids.


Balloon Theme for Kids Party

Atmosphere is everything for any party. Once you and your child have chosen the theme, you will find ideas about how to use the most ordinary household’s gadgets or toys to turn your house into your child’s fantasy.

Our suggestions should inspire your own ideas. We urge you not to overdo. You can design the wonderful indoor environment for the “Stargazing” party without asking, if you can décor with the balloons arch, gate, barbie theme or else. You can create a “Candy Wonderland” out. And you most certainly can plan the “Camp-out” without flying everyone to National Park.


Birthday Party Kid Games

Each of your parties comes with its own suggested activities and games designed to complement the theme of that party. You will find that usually there are more games suggested for each party than you are likely to need. That is because it is better to be prepared with extra activates than to be caught with extra time on your hands. If you don’t get to play them all, just save them for the next party. You can engage kids in musical games, dance party, blow the balloon competition etc.

When making up your own list of games, particularly if you are mixing and matching games from different parties, be sure to keep in mind that rowdy games need to be followed by calming ones.

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