Choose perfect wedding planner who make ambiance as well as save cost

When we plan for a wedding, choose perfect wedding planner for wedding ambiance and decoration is most important thing for event. The first thing which impacts look out of your wedding is budget, it decides how many events are to be held in the wedding and how much cost would be of it.

Nothing saves cost like cutting down the number of function. Many couple opt to have wedding early in the evening, followed by the reception. Similarly you could combine the “Mahendi function” with the “Sangeet”. Wedding planner with their industry knows can help couple determine the best venue, vendors and creative ideas with their specific budget in mind. They also make sure that your event is handled to perfection and they bear all stress so you can enjoy your celebrations with your guests without fretting about the countless little things that make for a successful wedding.

Wedding Invitation and Card distribution

The Invite is the first thing your guest will see it and sets the tone for the wedding. Opt an invite that is not oversized or letter pressed and you’ll save lot of money. If your relatives/friends are internet-savvy, send them invitation by e-mail, video invites are in vogue and great option as they are personal.

Choose Wedding Venue

Select venue that has lot of character and built-in beauty as this allows you to create an ambiance without spending too much. If you’re serving alcohol at your wedding, choose a venue that allows you to bring your own liquor, wine and beer. Choose one venue for all your events means less hassle for your guest and more saving for you because of you will get better price from the venue.

Wedding Decorations and Ambiance

In India, we have the options of using native flowers such as marigolds, roses, rajnigandhas and jasmines. Which are also fragrant, adding to the mood and traditional festivities. Reserve the imported flowers like orchids, lilies and hydrangeas for the more formal and western function like reception and cocktail evenings. Flowers and drapes can be seen and appreciated in the daylight. For evening function play with lot of lighting.

Food and Catering Arrangement

The big Indian wedding is incomplete without a scrumptious meal. It not only forms a very large part of the wedding budget, but getting it right critical to the success of the day because apart from fondly remembering how lovely the couple looked, the one other thing that sticks in the minds of guests is what the was like. Arrange for options to suit variety of taste buds. Avoid live counters as they entail extra cost and are time consuming.

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