Upstairs Asian Bistro Bar

Go Asian with a "Stairy" Twist! An evening of blissful lounging and endless ease, paired with lip-smacking drinks awaits you at Upstairs, an Asian Bistro Bar located in Tardeo, Mumbai. Upstairs offers you a neverending list of delights. The Decor, the Chef's Special, their Signature Cocktails and their high-seating, multi-layered roof top, it's all built to take you higher. Quite literally.

The decor of this new-age fine dine restaurant is radically different and sheds all conventions that you would hold for a traditional South Asian Eatery. From its stylish Black-White & Gold-Pink Interiors, and a Rooftop Seating that's taking higher than any rooftop has, to the live-sized Buddha Statue seated right in the center, the place eerily resembles to be a perfect balance that takes you from Upstairs to infinity.

Their list of twists into making Upstairs goes just high as the place itself. The chic interiors coax you into ordering drink after drink and to complement that, they have made a tempting offer you wouldn't refuse. Every drink you order of the same brand after the first one, is cheaper than the one you drank before. It reaches to the point that the 4th drink you or your group orders, is completely free! Now your party can drink up as much as they like, because in every round of 4 drinks, the drinks keep getting cheaper and the last one is absolutely free.

The culinary experience includes dishes that have originated from 15 destinations like Thailand, Japan or Vietnam, which are the epicenters of Asian cuisine around the globe. Chef Specials include Som Tom, a traditionally made raw papaya salad with a tang of spice & tart, along with; Mo MiKinh, a delicately flavored dish consisting of Vietnamese glass noodles seasoned the chef's ultra-confidential ingredients to make it unforgettable for the taste buds.They have put together some lip-smacking dishes which are a mix of classic as well as some dishes with a modern twist.

Upstairs endeavors to provide a personalized experience to every individual that steps in and this is reflected in the way they serve their Signature Cocktails created by them. While some orders come with a Fish Bowl or your own Personalized Polaroid Stirrer, the one that steals the limelight is their Special "Upstairs Infinity" Drink. It creates an experience of a different kind than ever seen before. When you place an order for their Upstairs Infinity Shot, the Bartender not just makes it for you and hands it over. You first sniff the smell, then you take the shot and that's not it: The Bartender then proceeds to give you a circular ride on their Bar Stool, all while the entire restaurant cheers for you.

As, this wasn't it, the kitchen has also announced that their special food creations are not just limited to the restaurant but your houses as well. Home Delivery via various online mediums.

At Upstairs, each sip & morsel reflects the delectable aura of authentic South Asian Cuisine that has managed to enchant taste buds around the world with the perfect contradiction of subtlety & boldness. The tastefully decorated interiors & the spectacular rooftop view allows one to see the pulse of Mumbai and the experience is nothing short of a perfect pathway towards a peaceful mind and content taste buds!

Upstairs Asian Bistro Bar,
Behind Everest Building (Bank of Baroda),
Tardeo, Mumbai - 400034
Contact Number: 09967149466