You have only one chance to make a lasting impression on your guests and the right venue can be paramount in turning it into a memorable event. Whether it's a beachy affair or a dazzling royal sojourn, we create fabulously festive affairs while embracing the natural beauty of the surroundings and infusing a dash of charm and style into every event.

India,Antalya, Mauritius, Thailand and Tanzania are just a few of the locations around the world where we’ve planned destination weddings and events. We work closely with our clients to discover the perfect destination location and ensure all the details are in place to create a memorable experience for our couples and their guests.

Weddings these days are an expression of the couple's sensibilities, style and personality and our job is to make sure their wedding oozes the same charm. Be it the grand forts and havelis of Rajasthan in true Rajwada style or a beach resort in Bali, a serene experience in Goa or a wedding with a spiritual and awakening touch at kollam in Kerala, creating beautiful moments for our clients is a true honour and it is with this vision that we come to work each day.

Today people are looking for super rich wedding destinations; the Professional wedding services save you a lot of hardwork pre-wedding so that you can enjoy the wedding. The wedding Planners, plan every bit of your wedding day and make all the pre-wedding preparations with respect to celebrations, events, trousseau, jewelry, place, location, gifts, etc. India is the place where most NRIs and residing Indians plan their grand Indian wedding.

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