Use colorful Lighting Which Creates Mood in Your Event

Blue lighting for corporate event

Working with colorful lighting is wonderful way to create a mood in an event. Here I share some awesome theme decor ideas like rainbow theme, magenta theme which is very useful in corporate event and party decoration. Using a magenta gel to spotlight an arrangement of deep reds and burgundy will deepen and enhance the color of the flowers, making them seem even more vibrant.

rainbow theme for corporate event

Blue Lighting Color Theme – Corporate Event


Color truly affects the energy of space. Magenta is a very flattering color to everyone. Much like the warm golden hues of candlelight, it works well with all skin tones. People like using warmth the orange to evoke a sense of dusk or sundown, that enchanting time of transformation from day to night. Blue is useful mainly as an effect. Blue lighting can be exotic and effective, but you have to be careful not to overdo it, since it has a tendency to make everyone look like a Martian. That goes double for green.

You might saw that when lighting a dance floor, the most important thing is to bring up the energy. Make the lighting brighter or more intense and spot the floor with a myriad of color, just like at a night club or discotheque. Some people like variety of blinking red, blue, yellow and green lights. This can be set up quite easily and seems to jazz people up and encourage them move with abandon.

Magenta Theme

Magenda Color Theme Event

There are many way of enhancing room with color lighting. One is intelligent lighting: fixtures that are set on timers so that the lighting changes color and intensity several times during the course of an evening according prescribed plan. One of my favourite schemes is this: Just as guest arrives, the lighting is down and sunset coloured with plenty of gold. This is warm inviting color scheme for cocktails and perfect for relaxing into the tenor of the event or theme décor, much like sitting on the beach just around the sundown in the summer. Next the lighting switches to magenta for dinner period, working with the candlelight and bathing guest in a flattering and atmospheric glow. Later on, for the dancing when the party increases in energy, you change the lighting again.

Lighting Creates Mood

Lighting Creates Mood in Events

Intelligent lighting is a wonderful way of creating a mood in corporate events. And controlling them is very subtly without attracting the guests’ awareness. Non traditionally lights effects that has worked well for the numbers of the events. Use the projection that you want on a wall, ceiling or on other surface from either the front or the back. Thus, you can make corporate event magnificent.

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