Unique Indian wedding invitation cards designs and Ideas

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In India people celebrates wedding as ceremony. They select wedding themes, meet wedding decorator, vendors or planners but when we choosing invitation wedding card is little difficult, you get confuse while choosing wedding card designs. I hope this article will help you to choose card designs, community card,  diy card designs, online search and according to your wedding themes. Exclusive Large collection of Indian Wedding Cards & scroll invitations, custom Designing.


Indian Hindu Wedding Invitation

marathi wedding invitation cards designs

Generally Hindu wedding card’s design is different than other community. Let’s have a look! Largest collection of Hindu wedding cards, designs, content. Some people likes handmade paper invitations cards, some people like royal look in card, some folks like in roll type.

Islamic Wedding Invites

muslim wedding invitation cards

Islamic and Muslim wedding card are designed unique and totally different than Hindus. Their content also writes down in Arabic language some times.

Have a look Sikh Wedding Invites

free online wedding invitation cards design


Sikh and Punjabi wedding are generally royal or navabi style. So naturally their invitation cards designs are really navabi invites.

sample wedding invitation cards designs

Highlight is no delineation of any religion or confidence. These are Interfaith, multi-confidence multifaceted & non-religious weddings.


Exclusive collection of Jewish cards, Torah Style cards, Anniversary Invitations, Engagement Invitations,,DJ Party, Haldi – Mehndi – Sangeet Lets look….

Unique invitations

wedding invitation cards designs

Roll-open cards or scroll invitationsroll scroll invitations


This is also very popular theme nowadays. In Indian weddings these kinds of invites took place.

Conclusion: People chose invitation card according to theme, communities, budget, choice of color and design. I hope this article will help you. For wedding services, ideas, wedding planner.

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5 thoughts on “Unique Indian wedding invitation cards designs and Ideas

  1. Hey Poonam,

    Thanks for share invitation card ideas with us. It is really informative article. Actually it is the way to invite friends and relatives to be a part of our special day and bless us. So it must be attractive, somewhere according to the community and should be fancy also. Nowadays nobody likes traditional simple card. Roll open card is being trend of the wedding card.

  2. Great ideas for creating invitation cards! Its very important how we invite our guests. I feel that its always important that we must keep the invitation cards special in order to make the guest feel special. Thanks for sharing.

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