Top Five Secrets to a Stylish Indian Wedding That Can Cost Less

There is popular saying in India across cultural variations that, those who truly are part of the wedding festivities and feel the happy vibe from heart don’t look at the gifts, the food or the paraphernalia; they focus on things that actually matter to the bride and the groom. After all the running around that you put up with including the tantrums of aunts and uncles leave aside of the baraatis, you are also left penniless, with a profound amount of sadness about the fact that some of the relatives left the venue grumbling. What about the feeling called gratitude for having called them as guests? What about all those teary eyed hugs that immortalize all Bollywood weddings? You are also left fuming and really worried about the fact that you actually broke a lot of your FDs to get the wedding organized.

Get smart! You don’t have to necessarily fall into the same category of this rather frustrating experience and opt for some real smart ways to economize on your wedding so that at the end of the day while the chachi from Pathankot is still cribbing about her gift from the bride’s side being too’cheesy’, or the uncle from Lucknow demanding you hire him a cab to do his Delhi Darshan, which cannot be avoided, you can avoid some spending and yet have a splendid wedding.
Keep one fundamental principle close to your heart while planning the happiest occasion of your life-cut the peripherals and give your best to things that are personal. Not all comments should affect you as your wedding may see hordes of relatives you would be seeing for the first time.

Here are the five ways you could skimp on things and yet be high on the glamour and the glitz quotient at your wedding.

Venue-Keep your options open.

More often than not we tend to choose the same venue as Uncle Mahesh chose for his son or Tauji did for his daughter, but their priorities and guest list could be pretty different from yours and who knows what sort of bargain deals they may have got for that season. Look for farmhouses that have gorgeous locations and do send in a map in the invite. Hiring a couple of buses to ferry across the guests is way cheaper than a five star location that makes you pay enormous sums just for the sake of the name of the venue.

Indian Wedding Venues

Décor Drama
Sure you love the lights and the flowers but we go for packages that generally overlook the fact that each venue has its own design and layout and what was needed for marriage ‘A’ need not be so for marriage B.

Stylish Indian Wedding Designs

So at your farmhouse wedding you can go easy on lights inside the venue, simply ask for lanterns and bukharis or angithis all over the lawn to create a great village ambiance. The flowers can be focused at the mandap and not at the entrance where you only see it for fleeting moment. Instead use cloth, lights and natural foliage. Stick to one or two kinds of flowers and not a bouquet assortment. These tips are way too simple but need to be highlighted while making the deal with the florist or the decorator. Look out for elegance and don’t go ballistic on grandeur.

Indian Wedding Mandap Decorations

Count your Plates
sure, because that is what makes the bills mount beyond comprehension. Don’t have to serve gourmet food in individual servings when in Indian cuisine you have very interesting street food that everyone loves. At the most give it an exotic twist and yes instead serve some great sweets as that’s the traditional thing to do. Watch out for a number of children as guests and demand the discount that comes with their smaller helping. Buffet is way more sensible in case you opt for conventional meals.

Indian Wedding Menu

Invites and Favors
Go stylish on invites using recycled cards that are single leaved almost making a statement and reflecting your personality. Further stick to giving favors to the family not to the individual-spend more on giving all aunts a complementary Mehandi and little gift bag when they go back after the Sangeet- maybe some bangles, bindis, a little vial of perfume and a gajra. Simplicity with a personal touch can make many a heart smile in gratitude for the love shown.

Indian Wedding Gifts

While you may not be competing with the Mittal and the Ambani weddings for sure, you have etched your own little space with your own unique style, and your concern about all little things will go into making your wedding worth remembering.

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