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Plan a Romantic Destination Wedding at Royal Palace in Rajasthan

RAJASTHAN – A perfect venue for destination wedding

Rajasthan is known as “Land of Great Kings” or “Land of Great Kingdoms” It is a biggest state in India, people from all across the globe comes here to spend its exclusive olden times. Even present day also Rajasthan has protected the inheritance and the quintessence of its gallant kings and queens.


What could be more romantic than a royal palace wedding? Couples who have their heart set on a royal wedding celebration are sure to find Rajasthan destination wedding is the way to go. Today HNI and NRI also prefer Rajasthan wedding because the beauty and grandeur of this state encompass a rich history, vibrant colours, exhilarating music and deliciously spicy food. This is the place of palaces and forts that are rich in history, refinement, elegance and opulence also are among the most spectacular and sought after wedding venues in the world. As you choose Rajasthan destination wedding, you are limited only by your imagination. Elephant processions with rose petals being showered on the wedding party, exotic fire dancers all within a backdrop of heritage forts, palaces or royal hotels are just a few reasons to choose Rajasthan as wedding venue.

rajasthani bride photos

Umaid Bhawan Palace- Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan is a standout amongst the most lovely wedding venues you can envision to set the day of your wedding against. Made totally out of Chittar sandstone, this castle plays host to the rich and renowned. It’s set against the setting of the Blue city of Jodhpur and its structural engineering is a juncture of Victorian and Rajput impacts. The Umaid Bhawan Palace is home to one of the most excellent dance halls on the planet. Roosted high over the desert capital of Jodhpur, Umaid Bhawan Palace, the brilliant toned desert sandstone landmark is the final one of the colossal royal residences of India and one of the biggest private homes on the planet. Set in the midst of 26 sections of land of lavish greenery enclosures, the Palace is a mix of eastern and western engineering impacts. The sumptuous insides with plated furniture and rich work of art take after the deco craftsmanship style, supplemented by colorful wall paintings. Umaid Bhawan royal residence offers wonderful venues for holding your fantasy wedding. The venue, subjects and food made, showcase the way of life and culinary conventions of the district.

It is decently associated with Jodhpur Airport and Railway station, both only 5 k.ms and a 15 minutes head out.

Taj Lake Palace-Udaipur

city palace udaipur

Udaipur is a historical town, Palatial locations which is centuries old have been the most premium and exotic venue for weddings. In Udaypur, the Taj Lake Palace is just serve as venue to host festivities and are priced as Packages combining venue, meals, may be some standard décor in terms of banqueting, welcoming of guests etc

Rambagh Palace- Jaipur

taj rambagh palace jaipur

The sandy soil of Rajasthan is splashed with stories of valiance love and sentiment that charms starry peered toward couples to make an interpretation of their continuous sentiment into a purified union. The feelings are on an extraordinary high and you are searching for a venue which serves as an origin of affection and sentiment to make your most imperative festival of life a flawless begin. Occasions at Palace are reminiscent of glorious services of past period with a dash of advancement

Royal Wedding Jaipur

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Plan a Romantic Destination Wedding In spite of Traditional One

Right Venue for Your Wedding

Wedding is a dream of girl which she starts dreaming from childhood that one day will arrive when I will feel like a princess and my prince charming will be mine forever. With time and tide a little girl grew up but when her wedding day arrives she really wants to see herself as princess. There are thousands of dreams in her eyes regarding wedding, she will dress-up beautiful wedding dress, and her ornaments would matches to her dress, her beautician will make her like a queen and when people will see her and say wow! The bride is so pretty!

Wedding Decoration

But wedding is not complete without ambiance and decoration. There should be dance, fun, enjoyment decoration according to the atmosphere, food and catering service must be well. If this is not done properly, all is waste. Only the perception of status is high but the reality is something else.

Wedding Venue Ideas

Venue is one of the dreams  wherein bride and groom are meeting to make their dream come true. Now, the days are changed , people are found that doing wedding on destination in spite of doing tradition wedding, they are planning to make destination wedding to make their wedding most romantic and unique. Isn’t it awesome idea to go far from home and marry dream man!

Destination Weddings Flowers

In past time people were suffering many problems and avoid destination wedding but in present our thinking and trend has changed. People love to go far from home for their wedding. They hire destination wedding decorator and planner service, they take care of everything from start to end and guest and relative would enjoy wedding. Dreaming wedding is different thing and make dream come true is also different. For making it true you will required wedding planner who makes ambience and décor awesome and event successful.

Romantic Destination Wedding Decor

It is saying “All is well that ends well”. The wedding at your place or at destination but the main thing is ambience and decoration is as important as bride and groom’s looks. In the end of the wedding people would like to be pleased and happy