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5 Awesome Wedding Themes for Autumn Season

Theme wedding autumn season ideas

Themed weddings are trend ideas to break the ice between guests. After you have looked through changed wedding topic thoughts and settled on one, the time has come to begin arranging the genuine parts of the wedding. The stylistic theme of your wedding will convey the majority of your wedding subject support. It is likewise the first thing your visitors notice when they touch base at your wedding.

Butterfly Wedding Theme

Butterfly theme wedding decoration

A stand out amongst the most beautiful and adaptable decisions for a wedding topic is the utilization of butterflies. Butterfly wedding subjects are a remarkable determination with a mixed bag of approaches to apply such a unimaginable segment of nature all through your wedding festival and gathering

Peacock Theme

Peacock theme indian wedding ideas

A peacock wedding subject is exceptionally striking and brave. Like the dazzling peacock, this wedding subject is secured in rich tints of profound greens, greenish blues, soul and purples. Done the wrong way, it can look truly crude. However in the event that done effectively, it is both sumptuous and tasteful

African Safari Theme


African safari-wedding theme decoration

Choosing a destination for your wedding is never easy with so many choices to choose from. African safari theme makes you feel like you are among wilds of Africa, part of your themed wedding. Have animal print tablecloths, guests in safari attire, African food and music, safari themed centerpieces and favour make you and your guest feel like zoo on wedding ceremony.

Aqua Theme

Aquarium theme wedding table arrangement


Aqua theme brings breath of fresh air to wedding decoration with a breezy beach theme. Create a soothing mood inspired by the natural colors and textures of the seashore. The beach-house bathroom is a foil of gentle contrasts. Clean lines and a restricted color palette create a fresh, uncluttered mood to the decoration.

Snowfall Wedding Theme

Winter Wonder Ceremony

Many couples want to plan the perfect winter wedding ceremony. Let It Show with artificial snow on the ground, on tabletops and falling from above. Choose white floral decoration for dramatic statements. That will make your winter wonderland wedding memorable.

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Destination Wedding Theme Ideas at Goa

Planning a party, organize in “GOD’s Own Abode – GOA”

Choose the theme that will make you feel that you are indeed in God’s Own Abode – GOA

Beach Wedding Theme at Goa

Goa and Kerala are the most romantic destinations to organize the theme party or destination wedding. It’s a big challenge for the organizer to organize the event at such place as they are away from home or would not know about the place. Choice of a destination matters the most before finalizing the theme. If we take Goa as a destination which is a dream destination for all, we have wide range of themes to choose from. Aqua Theme, Coconut Cashew theme or Sea Shell themes are few of the very unique themes that goes very well with GOA. Let’s talk about each theme in detail.

 Aqua Theme:

Park Wedding Blue Gazebo Tentage

As water and beaches are the major attractions for GOA, having an aqua theme wedding or party would make a perfect sense. People from all age group like to celebrate the occasion on beach and if the occasion is as big as marriage, it can become a memory for life. Having a stage or vidhi mandap with the combination of sky blue and white drops, purple flower decoration around the drops, mandap and entrance, tables and chairs with theme colors and centerpiece with purple orchids are few of the important tips to organize Aqua Party. Bar counter, food counter and other decorations also need to be selected as per the theme color.

Coconut Cashew Theme: 

Coconut and Cashew Theme in Weddings

Coconut and cashew the two main dry-fruits from Goa and choosing the theme represents the Goan culture has to include these two important fruits. Choosing Coconut Cashew Theme would make the best impact when each small detail is taken care properly. Venue design & decoration, food menu, serving style, etc are designed in a way that it reflects the theme. Coconut leaves for decoration, coconuts for serving welcome drink, Goan music, food with full of cashew, servings in cashew nut shapes, decoration with cashew nut flowers are few of the ways that represent the theme and can make your celebration memorable not only for you but also for your guests.

Sea Shell Theme:

Sea Shell Decoration

This theme can be used along with the Aqua theme or can be choose as the independent theme. With decorations like white drops, shell shaped chairs, sea mushrooms shapes for lighting and decor, bridal dress as water fairy, decoration with shells and sea grass are basic requirements for the theme. If any artificial waterfall or stream can be created, that will add charm to entire event. Food and drinks menu and service will be separate. It’s important factor and that has to reflect your theme.

Just having a decoration as per the theme will not make your occasion memorable. The choice of entertainment, dress code for bride, groom and guests, Light & music, etc also must reflect the theme.