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Right Venue for Your Wedding

A function hall or banquet hall is a room or building for the purpose of hosting a party for social and business events. The idea of banqueting is very old. In the sixteenth century a banquet was very different from our modern perception and started from the medieval ‘ceremony of the void’. After dinner the guests would stand and drink sweet wine and spices while the table was cleared, or ‘voided.’ Later, guests would no longer stand in the great chamber whilst the table was cleared and the room prepared for entertainment, but would retire to the parlor or banqueting room.

In the seventeenth century ‘void’ was replaced with the French ‘dessert’. As the idea of banqueting evolved further and now it could take place at any time during the day and have much more in common. Banqueting varied greatly from any place indoors to outdoors but is now generally on an intimate scale. You can choose to host you banqueting event either in a garden, farm houses or indoors such as the halls specifically built for the purpose or hotels and restaurants.

Traditionally, banquets were largely social events like roka, sagan, wedding, wedding reception, birthday party, anniversaries, mata chowki, etc. These are grand celebratory functions in India. All family relatives, friends are invited to these functions and events and sometimes even business friends, associates and partners. These events consist of the main ceremony amidst grand multi-cuisine, multi-course lunch or dinner in buffet style.

The hosts can choose from the huge variety of cuisines, styles and variety of food and drinks based on available options, their personal choice and budgets. (menu chosen). Today banquets serve many purposes from formal business dinners, product launches to seminars and training sessions. Business banquets are increasingly becoming a popular way to strengthen bonds between businessmen and their associates, clients, partners, employees etc. It is common that a banquet is organized at the end of an academic conference. Banquet catering involves providing food, drink, and other services at a public or private gathering for celebratory or ceremonial purposes.

The building in which a banquet occurs must be able to provide the guests with everything they need and should be able to accommodate many people. For more information on banquet catering, it is a good idea to contact a local catering service.


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