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Do Something Special by Choosing Romantic Valentine’s Day Party Theme

If you are invited for being a part of Corporate Party, Theme Party, Valentine Day Special Party or Romantic Dinner Party, I am sure you are planning to do something different to look gorgeous. Your attire effects to make you gorgeous in the party. for that you need to know which theme is held by the host. So choose your dress wisely. Not to be worry, here are some ideas which kind of attire will make you feel special. Hope it may help you to feel you gorgeous look.

Hi ! Gown

designer evening gowns

The light and springy Georgette works eye-poppingly on these sexy seductresses, as they complete this stunning look with the most precious accessory in a in a woman’s armoury: a smile!

Hi ! Mini

hot mini dress for corporate party

Sometimes good fashion also comes in small packages, and what these short dresses lack in length they make up for in style. Minis are the best option for the party.

Hi ! White

white suit for women

The simple and classic white seems to be the choice cuts for these ladies. What can we say – sometimes angels do walk on earth.

Hi ! Shimmer

designer shimmer dresses

The sheen on their dresses brings to mind the incandescence of mermaids, white the ladies themselves glisten in reflected glory.

Hi ! Back

latest back designs in gown

Now these devilish damsels mystery as they saunter to the music like the chimerical belle of the ball.

Hi ! Black

black cocktail dress

No matter the season, black always makes a comeback on the red carpet with enhanced drama! Here, the ladies have kept it simple and let the gossamer ensemble speaks for its elegance.

Hi ! Trail

one shoulder dresses

These ladies have certainly picked up cues from the royal nuptials – the elegant trail, for one. They are keeping it short and stylist.

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DIY ideas for kids’ party

Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Believe it or not, almost every child, we’ve ever talked, claims his or her best birthday parties have been the ones held at home. This doesn’t mean spending a lot of money on overly producing on a lavish party but rather spending your time and energy with your child. The dividends of this investment will last far beyond the actual party day.


Here are the instructions, suggestion, and ideas for creating, selecting and preparing for each party. Setting and preparing the menu, choosing the decorations and favours and selecting and hiring additional entertainment. You can also include an outline of thing you need to make and buy, and an actual schedule of party activities.


Do it yourself Birthday Decoration Ideas

This is your child’s party, and it should be as much unique and personal as you can make it. Anyone can hire a party planner to “do a party”. But if you plan the party with your child, he gets the chance to share all aspects of the planning and ideas which pleases him. You just have to listen and follow what kind of  theme party your child has in his mind, which type of food he loves, which one he want as birthday cake. Guide him according to the party theme.


 DIY Party Invitation Card

Designing and planning the invitation is an important beginning for planning the party. It sets the stage and gets the guests excited long before the party happens. When your guest receives a folded drinking cup for the “Camp-out” Party, a sweepstakes certificate for the “Sweepstake” part, or a thong in a sand filled plastics bag for the “Shipwrecked” party, the anticipation begins as the mood for an exciting party is set.

You may use ready-made invitations or you can always add your own personal touch to these. Choose your own object to send party invitation. Have your child colour in invitation card drawings or add sequins or feathers or any accessories your child adores. Stickers are the perfect answer to many decorating needs. They spruce up thematic invitation, are perfect for making envelops eye catching, and will turn ordinary paper into pretty wrapping paper.


Decide the length of your party according to important events and gathering time. You don’t have to have a long party; as a matter of fact, a two-hour party that is well planned and chock full of activates is a guaranteed success, while a disorganized gathering for four hours is a sure disaster.


Gather your help and let them know the schedule of the party. Acquaint them with the children, the games, and the food. Here’s good rule of thumb: You Need one adult for every five young children (up to five years old), and one for every eight older kids.


Balloon Theme for Kids Party

Atmosphere is everything for any party. Once you and your child have chosen the theme, you will find ideas about how to use the most ordinary household’s gadgets or toys to turn your house into your child’s fantasy.

Our suggestions should inspire your own ideas. We urge you not to overdo. You can design the wonderful indoor environment for the “Stargazing” party without asking, if you can décor with the balloons arch, gate, barbie theme or else. You can create a “Candy Wonderland” out. And you most certainly can plan the “Camp-out” without flying everyone to National Park.


Birthday Party Kid Games

Each of your parties comes with its own suggested activities and games designed to complement the theme of that party. You will find that usually there are more games suggested for each party than you are likely to need. That is because it is better to be prepared with extra activates than to be caught with extra time on your hands. If you don’t get to play them all, just save them for the next party. You can engage kids in musical games, dance party, blow the balloon competition etc.

When making up your own list of games, particularly if you are mixing and matching games from different parties, be sure to keep in mind that rowdy games need to be followed by calming ones.

Top 10 Wedding Destinations in India

palace wedding jaipur india

The interest of planning a wedding at exotic locations in the country is on the rise as many Indians as well as foreigners get married in extravagant places. In a country like India where the God of Nature resides, there are places such as Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan and many more for the couples to choose from, for their wedding and the subsequent honeymoon ecstasy. So if you are planning for a wedding and searching for the top wedding destinations in India, well, you are in the right page. I will take you through the top 10 wedding destinations in this page which you can rely upon for planning the most special event of your life.

goa destination

GOA: Famous for the beaches, Goa is one dream location for planning your wedding. The picturesque beaches and the serene atmosphere make this place, one of the popular spots to tie the knot. There are many luxury hotels in the city who arrange for wedding, accommodation etc. If you plan for a beach wedding, then you need to get permission and hence it is better to leave the work to a wedding planner who will make all necessary arrangements. The Leela and Taj Exotica are the luxury hotels that are popular in Goa. Most people, who prefer Goa as their wedding destination, would want their wedding in beaches, but if you are an exception, you still have the Turiya Villa and Spa in the Southern Goa for a garden wedding.

Kerala houseboat

KERALA: Weddings in Kerala are serene and picturesque, for all the gifts given by nature to this place. Kerala is also an ideal destination for the beach weddings where you and your partner can exchange your love alongside the blue seas. Backwater wedding is also quite popular in this place. The ethical temples will also give you sanctity that is necessary for a calm and composed life for years to come. Zuri Kumarakom is the place where most of the weddings in Kerala take place because of the luxury it provides to the couples along with the serenity. Varkala is the best place for beach weddings. Elephant themed weddings are also getting popular in the recent times where the couples will be taken on elephant back. This mixture of picturesque beauty, backwaters, temples, and greener surroundings make Kerala, the top wedding destination in the country.

city palace udaipur

UDAIPUR-CITY PALACE:   The city of lakes and palaces, Udaipur comes next in the list of the top wedding destinations in the country. If you do not prefer either the serene nature of beaches or the beauty of nature in the form of trees, the best place for you is Udaipur. One of the most romantic destinations, Udaipur is full of palaces and historical places. The city palace is one among the many palaces in the city where weddings are allowed. Just the thought of tying the knot at a place where kings and queens once lived will make you and your partner feel proud. You need to plan and organize the event properly and once everything is in place for the wedding, you will then have the time of your life.

UDAIPUR-JAG MANDIR: If you want your wedding to take place in the city of palaces, Udaipur but not in any of the places out there, then the best place for you are the jag Mandir. It is situated amidst the lake called Pichola and is one of the sought after wedding destinations in the city, only after to City Palace. The presence of the lake and the exquisite sculptures adds to the romantic mood and goes off well for the couples. If you are still not convinced, then you can go for more contemporary places like the one which is located at 45 minutes travel from the city, the Devi Gargh. The fort palace is of the 18th century but it has been refurbished with modern style. It is one of the authentic wedding destinations in Rajasthan.

rambagh palace Jaipur

JAIPUR: Jaipur popularly known as the Pink City is the choice of many couples for their wedding for the sheer reason that there are many exotic locations in the city to choose from. Most of these places are palaces and hence if you ever dreamt of tying the knot to a princess against a regal backdrop, then Jaipur’s Raj Mahal, Jai Mahal Palace, Rambagh Palace and many more will be magical. Some cheaper options are also available in the city. You can consider the older mansions of Jaipur such as Mandawa Haveli. The Samode Palace is also getting popular in the recent times; thanks to its location which is around one hour drive from the city. The backdrop of Aravalli ranges suits the occasion and delights the couple along with their loved ones.

JODHPUR: The second largest city in Rajasthan, Jodhpur has the most latest built palace in the Indian history. The construction of the palace was extended till 1944, the Umaid Bhawan Palace is still in use by the Royal family of Jodhpur but the other portion of the palace is provided for wedding. The palace has seen some lavish weddings in the recent pasts and is one of the sought after palaces in the state. Apart from the Umaid Bhawan, there are places such as Ranbanka and Ajit Bhawan can also be considered. The Mehrangarh fort is famous for the wedding receptions that take place there, and hence plan accordingly such that you have your wedding in one of the above palaces and your reception in this imposing fort.

Sainik Farm Posh Area For Wedding In Delhi

SAINIK FARMS, DELHI: If you are looking for wedding in posh area or outskirts at the capital of India, Sainik farms is the best choice. Some high gala events have taken place in this beautiful place and are suitable for any number of gatherings. Most often, this place sees people from all the higher classes of society conducting their family functions including wedding. Located in the southernmost part of the city, the farms first came up 50 years ago.

Himalayas from Kullu Valley Himachal Pradesh

HIMACHAL PRADESH: Himachal Pradesh, often termed as the magical showcase of nature’s splendors is a part of the Indian Himalayas and it contains awe-inspiring valleys, greener meadows, and some thrilling mountain ranges. This place is one of the best wedding destinations in the country because of the luxurious honeymoon stay that it offers to the newly wed couples. If you want your wedding to take place in the lap of Mother Nature, then the perfect spot for you is Himachal Pradesh. There are three airports in the state with flights running from Delhi and Chandigarh and hence transporting to this place is not a problem. Enjoy the endless beauty of flora in the city and cherish the moment with your loved one.

Jaisalmer destination wedding

JAISALMER: You can’t take away Rajasthan from the top ten wedding destinations as here comes another fort called the Jaisalmer which was found in 1156 and still remaining as one of the oldest forts in existence. You can also enjoy the camel safari along with your partner in this desert city. The city is also famous for the sand dunes and the folk entertainment of the local people. With the mixture of all the above, the wedding in Jaisalmer will not only be a cherishing moment for the couples but also for all the guests who have come to bless the couples. You can reach Jaisalmer from Delhi and Jodhpur through a train route whereas Bikaner and Jodhpur are connected to Jaisalmer through roads.

Taj mahal hotel mumbai

TAJ HOTEL: The most popular wedding venue of Maharashtra, Taj Hotel which is one of the very popular for celebrity and HNIs weddings. Mumbai is also known as bollywood city and surrounded by beaches and The Taj is near to Gate way of India, which is the most popular place over south Mumbai.

The above list comprises of traditional places, contemporary monuments, historical palaces, exotic beaches and state of the art resorts. Hope, the article has guided you in the selection of the wedding destination of your choice and interests. Make your Destination wedding one of kind with our flawless planning services: Destination Wedding Planning Services

Let’s Welcome New Year 2015 with New Trend at Newest place

Happy new year party wishes quotes

People visiting out of the city or country, has been the trend followed by most of the people to welcome the New Year. Many people would spend time with their friends and family members. Due to increasing number of teenagers and youth, pubs and dance bar visit is also a popular way to celebrate New Year eve.

Nowadays, people are following a new trend that is now gaining the acceptance in metros. People are now opting for open places like roof top restaurants, terrace bar, open air restaurants and bar and enjoying the experience of celebrating the New Year in the chilled night.

There are quite a few options to the people in Mumbai, especially in south Mumbai. There are only 1 or 2 such places. Such places have everything to attract the customers such as, ambiance, music, atmosphere, etc. In all it can offer a complete package that offers memorable experience to the new year party. Especially youngsters are found of DJ party, bollywood theme party, 90’s style party. This is the generation which makes party live with different mood. Some people do the grand party in India but some people cannot afford grand party they opt for budget party. There is few public in Mumbai, for them party means food and liquor. People like to enjoy new year party drink and dance.

reserve table for new year party

We Wish You Happy New Year 2015 and Inviting you for 31 st December Party at Mumbai Newest rooftop grill bar BARAESTI – Grill Bar & Beyond.

How to Make Your Christmas Party Celebration More Happening

If every year you celebrate the festival with your family and friends in a casual way, this year convert the casual gathering into Christmas Party Happening with fun, food, chocolate, cakes, games, dance and many more

In India we usually celebrate Christmas in very casual way. Teenagers and kids celebrate theme party with their own plans and their close friends but other family members make the plan for family gathering and make it a family celebration. People gather to exchange gifts, have drinks and dinner together and discuss about their family and friends. Kids & oldies who are not interested in the discussions spend their time as passive members in the party. Ladies usually do not get the chance to enjoy well as most of the time they are either busy with kids or taking care of guests.

christmas decoration

Follow simple tactics, for get to gather converted into a memorable Christmas celebration.

Preparing for the party:

Christmas Party Games

Party preparation is not a hectic task, choose the right theme for the Christmas party. Here as everybody knows each another and well aware about likings and dislikes of each other. In such case, it is not difficult to decide the activities or menu. Christmas Party decoration is an integral part as it sets the mood for the evening. Decoration with lights, flowers and sainted candles will the atmosphere but it has to choose in such a way that it does not limit the party pace. If there is no enough space, people will start feeling uncomfortable. You have to be ready with number of people attending the party, their seating arrangement, their comfortable excess to other members, number of children and their play and seating area.

Engaging the members:

christmas decoration

Engaging each member with some activity or interest is very crucial, especially children has to be engaged properly. Having a Christmas tree and arrange dance floor for kids to dance on music. Ask the children to decorate the tree will be very interesting activity for children and this would provide enough time to be comfortable. Older member of the family may become a Santa and distribute gifts and chocolates. This will set the perfect Christmas atmosphere for children and old age persons from the family. If there is enough space, even a small area can be kept for Music and dance which will entertain all from the family.

Food & Beverages:

Costa Coffee Christmas Menu

As members are familiar to each other, they also know about their food and beverage preferences. In case if there is any information required, you can call and check about the preference while preparing for the party. Even during the party you have to keep a check on stock for food and beverage and have to be ready with some back up options in case there is a shortage. As shortage of any of food / beverage could possibly left some people dissatisfied which can spoil entire mood. Moreover you have to also keep a check on each member and their liquor intake and also need to stop anyone as and when you feel like.

Surprises always make the moment memorable, hence adding a surprise element to the party would add an additional star to the party. Ladies should also be offered some engaging activities so that they can also celebrate the festival in a memorable way. Cooking and serving should not be put on their head so that they can spend the day as per their wish.