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10 Steps to Get You Start up Event Management and Planning

sucess event

What does occasion arranging include? Here is an abnormal state review are an essential’s portion steps you’ll have to take after when building up an occasion. We can’t distinguish the subtle elements’ majority you’ll have to consider (since a lot of it will rely on upon the sort of occasion you are holding), yet we trust the accompanying gives a beginning stage to your occasion arranging. Here are 10 Steps to Get You Start up Event Management and Planning.

  1. Create Event Goal and Objectives

The main step is to set up an unmistakable objective and destinations. (e.g., why are you arranging this occasion and what do you would like to accomplish?)

  1. Arrange a Team

Any occasion takes a coordinated collaboration to handle the greater part of the points of interest. Consider distinguishing one key Event Manager or Event Chair and also singular Chairpersons for subcommittees, for example,

  • venue administration;
  • speakers;
  • entertainment;
  • publicity;
  • sponsors;
  • volunteer administration

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  1. Set a Date

The date may as of now be pre-set for a reoccurring occasion, however in the event that this is another occasion, make certain to consider the accompanying before firming up your date:

  • Give yourself enough time! In a perfect world, you ought to have 4-6 months to arrange (contingent upon the way of your occasion)
  • Be mindful of statutory and religious occasions
  • Avoid school occasion time periods (e.g., winter, spring and summer occasions)
  • Check dates with key members – e.g., speakers, moderators, VIP visitors, and so forth.
  1. Brand Your Event

In the event that you need your occasion to emerge, you have to pick a convenient and convincing subject that separates you from your opposition. This implies that you have to think of a dynamic general topic and you have to bring awesome consideration with the genuine name – since it can be a key allurement, particularly in on-line media.

  • Brainstorm names: When you are conceptualizing the occasion name, consider:
  • How is your occasion not the same as different occasions in your area?
  • What would you say you are wanting to pass on through this occasion?
  • Create a Tagline: Once you’ve think of a name, additionally attempt to speciality a slogan – a short, noteworthy marking motto that depicts the occasion.
  • Design a Logo: The last step will be having a logo made to speak to your occasion. A logo can be a successful marking instrument – offering prompt acknowledgement of your occasion in the majority of your attention and promo things e.g., T-shirts, water jugs, packs, and so.

Brand Logo of Event Factory

  1. Make a Master Plan:

This arrangement ought to envelop all parts of the occasion, including:

  • Venue, logistics & cooking administration (contracts, grants, protection, and so forth.)
  • Speakers/moderators (recognizing, affirming, logistics & administration)
  • Activities/diversion
  • Publicity/advancement – on-line & logged off, e.g.: website page & on-line advancement; occasions date-books; printed programs; media relations; sign age; social networking, and so forth.
  • Registration – on-line sign-up, instalment and following; nearby sign-in, and so on.
  • Sponsor/accomplice administration
  • Volunteer administration

Additionally see Event Check-list – see join beneath.

  1. Focus Administrative Processes

At the end of the day, how are you going to stay informed concerning you’re arranging, enrolment, spending plan, visitor and speakers records, and so on.?

On the off chance that you are a customer of Event Factory, you can rapidly and effectively make an occasion and deal with your enrolment through our on-line occasion administration framework.

  1. Distinguish and Establish Partnerships & Sponsors

Are there associations that you could cooperate with or approach for sponsorships to settle the expenses and build potential interest? When you include other individuals or gatherings in your occasion, they have a stake in helping spread the news and making the occasion a win.

You may need to consider:

  • Seeking corporate patrons to store an occasion’s part. This can go from national associations that may need to support a supper, offer an entryway prize or a key noiseless close out thing, to neighbourhood organizations that may have the capacity to give products or administrations, for example, blooms for the tables, blessing pack things, and so forth.
  • Partnering with group associations who may have the capacity to offer a venue and/or help with sorting out or staffing an occasion
  1. Make a Publicity Plan

Indeed, even with the most astonishing speaker or diversion line-up, you require attention to get individuals in the entryway. Occasion advancement begins with the starting notice or page on your site, note in you’re pamphlet or email to spare the date, and after that assembles to incorporate on-line and disconnected from the net attention, media relations and on-going effort to support enrolment. Furthermore, no arrangement is finished without the post-occasion thank-you, support affirmations and articles about the occasion’s key messages or raising support achievement.

  1. Build up a Budget

Your financial plan ought to consolidate gauges for the greater part of the key things recognized on your Event Master Plan. Bear in mind to incorporate any travel or settlement costs for speakers, moderators, and so on.

  1. Focus Evaluation Process

In what manner will you figure out whether your occasion is a win? Do you gauge accomplishment by the quantity of registrants or participants or is it reliant on you making back the initial investment or bringing an objective sum up in gifts?

When you set your introductory occasion objectives and goals, you ought to likewise consider how you will assess the occasion to focus your prosperity. On the off chance that you are utilizing an enrolment administration programming bundle, for example, Event Factory’s, you can undoubtedly track enlistment numbers and charges. Be that as it may, if your occasion includes following, for instance, a quiet close out, then you’ll have to put a few procedures set up to recognize products offered in kind and trusts raised at the occasion.

By the same token, if the target of your occasion is to bring issues to light, you’ll need to benchmark and accumulate information on on-line social networking action/notice and so on.

How the Wedding Planners and Organizers Make The Wedding Spectacular

The wedding is the most romantic day in a couple’s life. The flowers, the clothing, the setting, the cake, and all other preparation evoke a kind of magic: an excitement that is unlike any other day. Everyone looks forward to wedding and can spend hours afterwards enthusiastically discussing the most minute details. It is the charm we remember, but also the choice that set each wedding apart. It is also my belief that every couple, no matter their personal style or the size of their budget, can have perfect day.

For a successful wedding, a wedding organizer has to do proper plan, team work, and co-ordination with the team and vendors and labors. Make sure everything according to theme, guest numbers and as pre decided, don’t wait till last minute. Here are few tips that will help you to select right wedding planner or company.

indian wedding photos

The flowers decoration:

images of flowers

Choice of flower is largely depends on the theme as it represents the colors. Traditional to English each wedding has different flower.

The Wedding Suits / Gown:

designer indian wedding dress up

The occasion is the prime factor for the choice of attire. Mahendi, sangget, wedding and reception each occasion has different style and type of cloths.

wedding collection

The Stage Set-up:

marriage stage decoration

Each community has different traditions to follow and accordingly the need for stage decoration and set-up also differs.

The Wedding Cake:

indian theme wedding cake

The choice of cake also depends on the theme. Even flavor and shape of cake is also very important.

The Food Menu:

wedding food menu

This is very important factor in any wedding and largely affects the budget as well. This decision is mainly depends on the kind of guests that are going to attend the wedding.


IF each of these criteria is analyzed and considered at the time of planning, the wedding will become the most memorable occasion not only for groom and bride but also for the guests who are attending. Welcome guests as your own guests; please them with best of service. This will built a good reputation and future client reference also.

I take so much pride and joy in their happiness, and each and every wedding is unique and a reflection of that very special !

Top 5 Stylish Color Themes for this Wedding Season

Since the selection of colours sets the mood of the entire wedding, it is quite a difficult task to select the right one. After all, the choice of colours holds a special meaning of its own. Also, this will always be remembered whenever you or your guests revisit your D-day memories. So, the selection of a colour-based theme for your wedding should be close to perfection.

You should select a colour that will not only look the best, but will also say something special about your relationship. Here are some suggestions that you can consider if you are still wondering, which colour would add a stylish touch to your big day this wedding season.

The passionate red

wedding mandap decoration

Indian weddings do not feel complete without the presence of red. Red is the colour of romance and passion. When the theme of your wedding revolves around red and its beautiful shades, it indicates the energy and passion between you and your spouse. The deeper the shade of the red colour, more subdued is the energy. Colours such as white, gold, ivory, or shades of blue look beautiful when combined with red. Weddings are a traditional affair, so add the colour red to your D-day decor.

Blissful Navy Blue

Indian wedding ceremony mandap decor ideas

The new colour that is trending on weddings this year is navy blue. Royal blue is not very far in the hot list either. Navy blue is a sophisticated colour that glorifies the wedding in a very elegant and stylish way. Combination of white, pink, red yellow, turquoise or lime green with navy blue will enhance the beauty of your wedding decorations. After all, blue is the colour of trust and serenity.

Dreamy pink

reception stage decoration

Pink is a lovely colour; and using pink as the wedding colour simply evinces the generous and compassionate bond between you and your sweetheart! Especially for the ladies out there, starting from a little innocent girl to a grown up woman, pink and its different shades must have been their favourites. While keeping pink as the main theme colour for your wedding and reception, you can add aqua or navy blue, or white, or more vibrant colours to it. As it is wedding is a ‘dream come true’ event, so decorate it in a very elegant and dreamy style with the colour pink!

Liven up with coral

The pleasant coral colour is the new hit on the Indian wedding scene. It looks amazing when combined with navy blue, turquoise, aqua or white. You could also mix and match different colours. Picking coral as the theme colour will bring out the gentle love that you share with your would-be.

Mellow yellow touch

Mellow yellow touch

Be it with vibrant flowers or flowing fabric, yellow is another colour that goes well with the feel of the Indian weddings, besides the colour red. So, take the ‘yellow feel’ a notch up and make it your wedding theme. Decorate your venue, the entryway and the mandap with yellow flowers or fabric. What’s more? You can create mellow effects by using soft yellow lights at your wedding venue effectively and smartly.

The obsession over making the right selection for the wedding theme colour is not silly. It is true that every little detail in a wedding is important and is carefully observed. Thus, it is perfectly alright for you to yell at the florist for bringing in the wrong flowers for your wedding!

Enhance the Beauty for the Special Occasion with Unique Table Centerpieces

Decoration plays a vital part in enhancing the overall occasion, be it a theme party or wedding ceremony. When it comes to decoration, apart from stage and drapes, table decoration is of vital importance. Centerpiece can be used to enhance the look of the table and woo the guests. As guests are going to be settled on the table, various color and fragrance will enhance the mood as well. Here we present few ideas to design the Unique Table Centerpieces as per the occasion.

wedding reception stage

Dressed in White 

theme party ideas

The theme of white gowns and flowers are always remarkable. Arrangements of calla lilies, hydrangeas, and Eucharists lilies stand among white pillar candles. Flowing, lengths of tulle drape the table like a bride’s veil, creating an air of intimacy.

Great lengths, long tables

flower arrangement

A long table allows you to have fun with size and scale and gives you space to establish a pattern. A long mahogany box with openings for floating candles, orchids curve over the box, adding heights to the display and split coconuts act as vases for single blooms. A table runner woven from cane extends beneath the centerpiece. Linen covers the table and chairs. At another reception opposite, bowls with floating candles. Peonies, roses, and Ranunculuses dot a boldly striped runner. The brown and the pink color scheme are modern yet romantic. The pattern and color repeat in the simple handmade place cards.

Sassy citrus

flowers arrangement ideas

Ceramic compote is filled with fresh lemons coated with sugar and glitter eucalyptus leaves are tucked among the lemons combine with ‘Icelandic’ poppies, Ranunculuses, tulip and fire lilies for a study orange.

Cut from the garden

outdoor wedding decorations

For a destination outdoor wedding almost nothing compares with the natural beauty of fresh flowers. In this centerpiece, sweet peas, hydrangeas and salvia are mixed with winter berries and blackberries in a wire basket.

Beautiful and Delicious

flowers and fruits

Red orange and yellow tomatoes look enticing in this rustic display. They are wrapped in netting, then placed in berry basket of olives continue the Italian theme.

 Fresh and greens

candle decorations for weddings

Very few colors feel as crisp and natural as green. Presented in a wooden vessel, this arrangement is a savory herbal bouquet, both leafy and fragrant. Olives in every shade are skewered together in graceful branch. With fresh green fruits – quinces, grapes, Anjou pears, green apples and china berries and delicate flowers at each setting hints at the bounty of the bowl.

Soft glow of candles

red rose flower arrangements

The mood of the wedding will be determined in part by the lighting. Outdoor events have different requirement than indoor. Glassine lined bags tops and vertical folds, and wrapped sheer taffeta ribbons around them, they’re set down the length of the table and paired with roses floating in shallows bowls.


By following the any of the ideas depending on the occasion, you can add wow factor to your event and make the day remarkable not only for you but also for your guests.

Create The Perfect Atmosphere to Express Your Love by Unique Valentine Gifts This Valentine’s Day

Love needs to be expressed and expressed love makes you feel special for the one among the thousands. So, when you are in love, life expects something special from you on the “VALENTINE’S DAY”, it is quite natural. You don’t need to look at it as a matter of demanding something from you, instead, you need to look at it as the strengthening of the bond of love that you two have. Sometime you are confused about what to gift your Valentine on special day. We are here to help you with these couples gifts as a set of two gifts that fit each other like a glove, symbolizing the perfect match. And it adds the fun to your life also. We threw in a few personalized gifts that are just primed for Valentine’s Day, which will bond you both together and help your love to be stronger.

Couple Rings

cute valentines day gifts

Arrange the party venue at romantic place. And present this beautiful rings, this may express that you and your partner are incomplete without each other. If you collect the both rings it will be one heart where you have lot of love for your partner.

Coffee mugs

coffee couple mugs

When you both are drinking tea or coffee together the couple mugs will be the Witness of your love. And these coffee mugs are the wonderful gift because either you or your partner are not together drinking you still stay connected through the mug.

Key Holder

fashionable couple keychain

These beautiful kitchens express your love to your partner. You can write name of your partner or friend on the kitchen of else you can write simple text as “I love you”.

Mobile Case

iphone5 case


If you both have the same company mobile, you can gift mobile case or cover. You can also express your love through mobile cover because when your partner picks the phone in hand, he/she read your message, smile and is going to miss you. You can gift  headphone connector of a heart shape. When you and your partner are together both of you can hear romantic songs and watch video and make the valentine more romantic.


Heart shape couple pendant

key heart couple neckless

A beautiful heart shape designed key and lock pendants are also very good for gift someone special on the special day.

Couple Wine Glasses

wine glasses

This is something funny idea. Wine glasses with one with mustache and another glass with lady lips, will make your loved one laughing.

Couple Pillows

couple kissing pillows gift

It’s lover’s day why to gift traditional heart shape pillow. Do something different gift something like couple pillows. It may be romantic gift for both of you.


Being a girl, looking to win over the heart of your man, try these great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas as well. If you are the boy, you have got the perfect opportunity at hand to fill in some much needed love, joy and intimacy in your lives by being close to each other. Life offers you a really short span of time, which makes it all the more imperative to get the best out of it. There is nothing better than living a life full of love, joy, and care. Thus, enjoy valentine day make your love stronger by gifting love and care.

While gift is very important to express your feeling, creating the perfect atmosphere before you gift is also equally important to make your beloved feel special. You can organize a party and invite your loved one as the special guest. Please him/her with fine dine and wine. To make this moment live ask your friend to capture the moment memorable. This will make the moment more special for your loved ones.