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Plan a Romantic Destination Wedding In spite of Traditional One

Right Venue for Your Wedding

Wedding is a dream of girl which she starts dreaming from childhood that one day will arrive when I will feel like a princess and my prince charming will be mine forever. With time and tide a little girl grew up but when her wedding day arrives she really wants to see herself as princess. There are thousands of dreams in her eyes regarding wedding, she will dress-up beautiful wedding dress, and her ornaments would matches to her dress, her beautician will make her like a queen and when people will see her and say wow! The bride is so pretty!

Wedding Decoration

But wedding is not complete without ambiance and decoration. There should be dance, fun, enjoyment decoration according to the atmosphere, food and catering service must be well. If this is not done properly, all is waste. Only the perception of status is high but the reality is something else.

Wedding Venue Ideas

Venue is one of the dreams  wherein bride and groom are meeting to make their dream come true. Now, the days are changed , people are found that doing wedding on destination in spite of doing tradition wedding, they are planning to make destination wedding to make their wedding most romantic and unique. Isn’t it awesome idea to go far from home and marry dream man!

Destination Weddings Flowers

In past time people were suffering many problems and avoid destination wedding but in present our thinking and trend has changed. People love to go far from home for their wedding. They hire destination wedding decorator and planner service, they take care of everything from start to end and guest and relative would enjoy wedding. Dreaming wedding is different thing and make dream come true is also different. For making it true you will required wedding planner who makes ambience and décor awesome and event successful.

Romantic Destination Wedding Decor

It is saying “All is well that ends well”. The wedding at your place or at destination but the main thing is ambience and decoration is as important as bride and groom’s looks. In the end of the wedding people would like to be pleased and happy

Tips to Make Your Theme Party Decoration Unique – Use Flowers’ Centrepiece & LED Furniture

Nowadays people would like to enjoy the theme parties which are innovative and looks something extra ordinary. If you are not able to create proper ambience, then you will fail to please your guests in spite of spending money. Here I share tips to party decoration by using flower centrepiece and LED balloons, lights and furniture.


Décor with paper ribbon, balloon, plastic arch and lights has become typical idea. But if you décor your party theme has took place every where, if you plan to throw bachelorette party, you have to arrange game table, casino poker and put a led bar counter, led chairs and furniture décor the party with led balloons, led hanging balls, it makes proper ambience.

If you are throwing a party for kids’, décor the party hall with various themes like Chhota Bheem, 3DDoraemon, Ben10, Barbie theme and many cartoon themes are available in kids’ party. Kids love cartoon theme most instead of boring and traditional theme. Just you have to arrange party decorators and they will make ambience for your loving kids. Else you can also create tent for party, décor with LED Lights also you can use balloon arch gate, flower chandelier, balloon chandelier and LED hanging balls. It is depend upon you, which theme you choose for your loved one to make him/her happy for any occasion either birthday or friends party.


How to make an event glorious? Decor walls with flowers and ceilings with colourful drapes and chandelier of flowers or you can use chandelier of lights if it is night function. Use golden and silver ribbon to decorate ceiling and flower, chandelier will make it awesome look. If you décor chairs with cover and ribbon& table decoration with fresh flowers or bouquet then it will become an add-on of your kids’ party. You can use multicolour flowers or same kind of flowers. If your event is for entertainment you have to décor stage for live performance or DJ party. Lighting is the most important factor in stage programme. Back drop décor with drapes, flowers and lights.

Thus, decoration is easy but if it’s innovative than it gives different glamour to your occasion and people admire host. After all every party or organizers’ goal is that guests enjoy, please, admire host and thank him for making a lovely ambience.

10 Do’s and Don’ts on how to turn event issues and complaints into victories

Very few events happen in which there are no issues or problems encountered, mainly because there are so many moving parts when planning and staging an event. Frankly, any event that goes off without even a minor snag should be considered a miracle.

The problem with this is that very few people outside of the events industry are aware of this fact. Which is why some clients or attendees get so worked up about even minor problems or issues at an event. And in the case of events like weddings or parties, there are added expectations and emotions, which can magnify even the smallest of problems.

Simply put, people have no idea how complicated event planning and management can really be, and so they often feel compelled to lash out at planners and event staff when something goes wrong.

So how do you approach on-site event complaints, and how do you address the concerns voiced by attendees and clients? Here are some key do’s and don’ts.

NOTE: I often take care of customer support for our online event management software, and I implement these techniques for addressing customer complaints and issues almost every day. I have also talked with dozens of event planners, and they also use these tactics when faced with an event crisis.

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Banquet Halls and Decor


Banquet Halls and Decor – Generating Your Event Properly

Here’s without doubt that whenever choosing banquet halls you’ll need to consider the decor and character the area offers. Each room differs. Such things as fresh paint color, flooring, upkeep as well as lighting lead to the kind of atmosphere the area will offer you. While you consider the variety of spaces for any kind of event, consider how good the climate from the location works together with your event. Sometimes, you’ve limited options but in some cases, when you have options, make certain you choose an area that’s fitting for all your needs.

What Do You Want?

For individuals who’re searching for banquet halls, the initial step would be to consider the requirements of your event. Space and layout selection is essential. Additionally you need to consider the plethora of features offered. If you want to place on an exhibition for any large group, you’ll need a location that may accommodate you using the proper audiovisual equipment and space. Should you prefer a formal dinner setting, you’ll need the correct table arrangement. Your requirements need to be met first with a facility.

What Decor Options Matter?

When choosing a facility, consider the kind of atmosphere the ability can provide. You will find several key items to consider prior to making this decision.

– May be the lighting appropriate? For any wedding, soft, romantic lighting is great. For any business function, better lights and lots of options are necessary. Lighting from home windows may also open the area making it more fun.

– Will the facility provide the hygiene and class essential for your event? In almost all situations such things as dings around the paneling, scuffs around the carpeting and dull home windows can make the area missing. It produces an inappropriate feel in many situations.

– Will the hall permit you to personalize the area for your needs? This might mean using specific colors and styles. It might mean utilizing a specific type of table plans. You may want to personalize it for the kinds of people who definitely are there. Individual’s facilities that provide you with the capability to personalize the area result in the greatest impact since you can tailor it to your requirements.

While you think about the banquet halls an area offers, keep in mind that many of these things are important. They are able to do or die your event. Tendency to slack up searching for the best look, either. The ability that’s able to offer you what you’re searching for is a that you might finish up returning to frequently. While you think about the needs for your forthcoming event, consider how good the venue can meet and exceed individual’s goals.

The genesis of the name Dio lies in the pronunciation of the word Tardeo, as Tardio by travellers. Our inspiration has been these bon-vivant travellers, a community of different races that have enriched south-Mumbai’s culture.

This theme banquet lounge is a blend of fire red, yellowish and chocolate brown colours. A fusion of stimulating shades; French windows that overlook a beautiful skyline; an open-air terrace for moonlight theme, all of it merges to create an unforgettable party ambience.

Let your guests enjoy a choice of National and International cuisine. We have live counters that cooks up a delicacy to each guests’ tastes and it is made right before your eyes.