Opulent Wedding Themes and Lavish Inspirations for Memorable Celebrations – PART I

Blossom decor ideas for wedding theme

Draw inspiration from set-in-stone factors like the wedding themes, and then think about the color theme that makes a mood you’re trying to set to your wedding décor. Do you wish to set theme playful and fun with bright and vibrant? Or lavish, jewel tones and luxury textures? Keep in mind that your color combo will inform others, design elements down the road, like Blossoms, roses, lily, carnation flower and other flowers uses in wedding decoration . Get inspired by our favourite unexpected four beautiful wedding themes that incorporate lavish inspiration traditional and modern below!

Blossoming romance

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Reminiscent of spring evening spent in the garden, this theme invites everyone to witness a love in full bloom.

Romantic candle light set the mood for this theme, along with towering centerpieces that dramatically lead the way to the magnificent trees on the blossoming trees on the wedding celebration.

The contras of the stage and catwalk’s black color sets the scene for the bride in white to take her place on the center stage.

New Dimensions

Crystal flowers theme wedding

This ultra modern yet fantastical theme is a multi-dimensional delight.

The mirrored cubes with their faceted, glittering appeal are counterpointed with the soft, lush arrangement of blooms.

The cubes run through from the entrance to the ceiling of the hall to the stage. The backdrop is given an added depth with multi-layers of black fabric. Complemented with cascading strands of crystals, this theme offers the same sense of luxury as walking into a room full of diamonds.

Emerald Empire

Emerald Empire

A modern twist to a classic theme. The vintage charm of emeralds set in elaborate pearl embellishments lends this theme a regal ambience.

The bold, sensual curves of the backdrops are perfectly set off by a shimmering curtain of golden strands and larger than life pearls. Elegant in its simplicity, the Emerald Empire brings to mind an era of grace and refinement. The massive backdrop of 60 meters wide by 10 meters high, is a freestanding cutout structure embellished with emeralds, pearls and hundreds of string tassels cascading down.

The attention to details has been extended to the floor, made of shiny marble to reflect the dazzling décor of the stage. The soothing water fountains add the serenity and beauty to the theme. The piece de resistance is the ornate hanging panels that are controlled mechanically to come down after the bride has crossed them to take her place on the stage.

Majestic Radiance

Majestic radiance wedding theme

This reinvention of a classic theme presents the perfect marriage of the traditional and modern.
The ornate backdrops call to mind intricate Arabic calligraphy, while the use of high gloss metal gives them a very contemporary feel. Balanced by the rounded edges of the table accessories and a touch of gold, this noble theme bestows the occasion with shining splendor.

The stage involves two layers and two distinct looks; the middle part is concealed with sliding doors of antiqued acrylic mirror. The chair is also custom made with the same motif.

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