Menu for Event or Wedding: Make or Break Decision to Make

“Choosing a menu is very important decision to take as it has direct impact on the budget and adding wow factor to the occasion.”

Quick and Easy Desserts

In India people are fond of variety in food. Whether it is wedding or an event, it is incomplete without scrumptious meal. It is not only forms a very large part of the budget, but getting it right is critical to the success of the day as apart from fondly remembering how lovely the decoration looked, the one other thing that sticks in the minds of guests is what the food was like. Never exclude Indian food from the menu. Today’s young generation may prefer eating snacks bites, but the elder in the family would opt for the traditional cuisine any day. A trend that has taken off in recent years is serving heavy appetizers instead of a meal, so refer to your guest list and see if this option is feasible. Generally people think that buffet is more expensive than the traditional sit-down meal, as guests will eat more food, but it would be wise to check the prices of both, sit-down as well as buffet and then take a final call.


Low Carb Diet Foods

Arrange for options to suit variety of taste buds. Also opt for light food option over something that is oily and fattening, as people nowadays have become increasingly health-consciousness. Therefore, provide an option for your guests for a good healthy salad section.


Food and Catering Services

To make the chore of planning easier, sometimes people choose to pick a venue and opt for them to handle everything: from décor food and bar counter to catering. You should make sure the venue allows you to use caterer of your choice. Also avoid live counters as they entail extra cost and are time consuming.


Menu Planning Ideas

Make sure you do not serve anything out of season because that would increase the cost enormously. Every course should complement each other, right from the welcome drink and starters to the mains and desserts. Avoid setting the menu as per individual preferences because it is impossible to keep everyone happy. The number of people attending the function should be confirmed before-hand. It helps avoid cooking extra food and wastage. Getting the menu for the wedding planned within a set budget is challenge. When you are on a tight budget and looking to balance the good and reasonable priced, especially when it comes to your menu the canapés and finger food are the best options. They not only fall under the trend of bite sized servings, but also allow for more variety in the taste making them an interesting part of the menu. You can choose from a host of options such as mini sliders, flat breads, mini pizzas, etc.

This type of menu is the perfect fit for Cocktail Parties and Sangeet Sandhya where fuss-free food allows for mingling and socializing. It’s important to keep in mind that menus should use locally sourced ingredients to keep cost at bay. While variety is important, it is necessary to not go overboard with surfeit of dishes.

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