Let the wedding bells ring on the blissful island – Mauritius!

Wedding Resorts In Mauritius

mauritius beach wedding decorationGone are those days when we swayed across the town or the city to attend the wedding functions at the city’s known banquets. Weddings have gone over and above all of the standard rhythms. Current day Indian weddings: The venues are crossing continents and oceans. This is how weddings are being nurtured in various cultures. And this bug has bitten the Indians too. Mauritius is one of the most romantic island for Indian couples  to get married or going for honeymoon.

Indian weddings decoration in Mauritius

Watermelon Theme

Breaking through the cluster of the existing norms and standard wedding themes in India, destination weddings have emerged as extremely successful as they break the knot of monotony while the bride and the bridegroom tie the knot of the new relationship.

Everybody loves travelling! And that one is a definite YES when it comes to travelling to the shores of beautiful white beaches and natural lagoons shining under the glory of the soothing sun – Mauritius it is! This is where the wedding bells shall ring and you will dance to the music that suggests a happy married life while you are flanked by beautiful coral filled waters, white sand and shells, light breeze on the beach! You can now open your eyes! This can be reality!

Situated on the Indian Ocean, on the south east coast of the African continent, this place is one of the top havens where you can start a fresh new life with your soul mate! It is this island which stands proud as one of the world’s top luxurious destinations and has attraction which are natural as well as those which are manmade, however aesthetically very strong!

Enjoy the tropical climate of this beautiful beach clad island with clear and warm sea waters where the tropical cultured flora and fauna don the multi ethnic island nation. This is thus the perfect place to make your wedding a magical and memorable one!

Add that perfect dash of passion and romance, relaxed and mystical moments all of which will be engraved with you all your life. You tie the knot once, so make sure you are doing it with style while you induce enough strength!

Honeymoon on Romantic Island

Wedding And Honeymoon In Mauritius

A wide range of hotels which are well designed and well functioned to give your stay a pleasant mark, are widely available on this scenic island. Any and every service is at your one call away, scenic infrastructure and reliable strength and endurance can create a fetish for visiting the place for your honeymoon after your wedding ceremonies too!

This abode is addictive and what can be a better idea than getting wedded here?

It is the time of your lifetime, when you got to be uplifting your senses and soul to merge it with your mate and all of this happening at the World’s leading island destination, sounds more like an unimagined dream come true? Yes, it sure does!

Mauritius has won this award for the third time now and is also donned with the World’s Best Beach at the World Travel Awards. So can you imagine a pool party at such a rewarded location? Imagine your best friends and family members dancing away to the ‘high’ on the beach while you exchange rings with your love in the hotel pool or at the shining beach! The afternoon subtle sun shining away and smiling as you begin your new life along with another soul attached!

The scrumptious cuisine to serve everyone’s celebrating taste buds and the turquoise colored water trickling down the feet of the people while they sip on their favourite beverages, can be a true sight to remember while you browse through the professional shots of the wedding later that year!

Resorts in Mauritius

Wedding Resorts In Mauritius

Luxurious resorts in Mauritius for wedding as well as the soothing and scenic beaches count for most of the lavish happening at this blissful paradise island! And this we happily bring to you. We bring this to you for generating your life’s ‘Phase 2’ memories, unconditionally!

As you get married, which is nothing less than an adventure in everyone’s life; we also believe you’d love to merge more fun at your wedding! Take your pick: Safari adventures, underwater activities, speed boat trips at Rodrigues islands, luxury packages with evening activities, cruises, air activities, fishing trips with dolphins and whales are few amongst those activities which you can choose to do with your ‘spouse-to-be’ and with all of the people who make it to bless you on your special celebration!

Vows – Party Cruisers India Limited wishes to make your wedding dream emerge even more magical and mystical than you ever imagined and thus we supplement to you the blending options! Customize and plan your wedding yourself with the guide advices from the Mauritius Attractions to make this occasion just perfectly enabled for your and your family’s demands and pleasures!

We would love to have you ‘check’ all your wishes and demands for this occasion. Thus, to define your cocktail night by the beach, your engagement ceremonies in the waters of the beach or the hotel pool, your wedding traditions flanked by the soothing white sands on the beach and more can be planned just the way you wish to!

Mauritius Wedding Theme

mauritius wedding theme

Theme it up, mix it up, prep it up – for everybody who will be part of your celebration, to have attended the wedding of their lifetime! Let the boons of being in paradise flow in! Let the blessings of all the people who stand by you in such a heavenly place while you promise your ‘to-be-spouse’ to be there forever; grace you!

All you got to do is get your wedding outfits in place, check up on your passports and visas as well as check on the same for all those who will be shaking their legs in your celebration! And of course, don’t forget to carry your wedding rings while you excitedly. Let the wedding bells ring on the blissful island – Mauritius!

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