Indian Weddings in Unconventional Locations

Indian Weddings in Unconventional Locations

If you are one of those couple who prefer getting married away from the fast pace and maddening crowd of today, here are some of the destinations which will serve your purpose of a quite serene and beautiful wedding Unconventional  location.

The Himalayas always seems to be a cold weather, snow and uncomfortable accommodation. However the illusion is shattered once you will visit this beautiful and exotic location. The luscious green forests and the snow capped misty mountains overlooking the lawns provide an ideal setting for professing your love to one another. Between the functions, you can also engage your guests in activities like mountain picnics, trekking and yoga or river rafting and meditation for the less adventurous.

Surrounded by mystic blue hills, the tea plantations of Assam, Darjeeling and Munnar are well known tourists spots in India. There are some tea estates here, which offer cottages surrounded by hills and tea plantations for honeymooners and weddings, fishing, Trekking, cycling, boating are some activities that can be planned for the guests. Apart from this, you can also set up a site visit for your guests or indulge your guests in a tea tasting party where your guest sit back and sample the various aromatic flavors of fresh home grown tea.

The soft orange red glow of the fading sun and the magical expanse of sand framed by a clear blue sky during the day paint a mesmerizing picture for anyone visiting the dunes for the first time. These dunes are perfect for an intimate and get together celebration. Since many of the beautiful palaces in Rajasthan have been converted into hotels, these are perfect for a royal destination wedding. Some of the places have private sand dunes maintained by the hotels. To give your guests a taste of Rajasthan, instead of doing all your functions at the hotel, you can opt between having a pre wedding party or even the wedding ceremony itself at the dunes.

Getting married in the middle of a sea is another way of a perfect wedding, the Lakshadweep islands are one of the most exotic destinations in India.

These islands have high frequency by tourists and hence give you a chance of experiencing untouched beauty of nature. With a choice of 36 islands, you can give your guests the chance to visit beautiful coral reefs, hire a cruise ship or let them choose from scuba diving, snorkeling, Para sailing, kayaking, fishing and other activities.

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