How to Organize a Banquet Service


Here are some ideas which I want to share for how to organize a banquet service. If you are renting a hall for the banquet, check the kitchen available for your use and make sure all required thing are available in stock. Organize the table and seating and make sure these are enough as per the invitees. If the banquet is self-service, consider having doubles of each dishes so guest can use both side of the table for smoother traffic.

Banquet Hall

After observing banquet, next step should be to make the plan for food service. First of all you should prepare the menu, make the list of all the dishes which you would like to see on the banquet table. Whether you are cooking by yourself or arranging a caterer, you must acknowledge that how many dishes are being offered both hot and cold in order to display on the table.

Banquet Chairs and Table Arrangement

You might like to provide Indian dishes in order not to become overwhelmed. It should start with 2-3 hot dishes then serve salad or slice with hot dishes and in the end, desserts. This will provide your guests to eat with convenience. Banquet service cannot be completed by one person, you will have to hire catering staff or have a group or volunteers to help out. You should choose a group or people whom you know have experience in banquet service.

Food Counter Arrangement

In the end, reserve a separate area for beverages. Organize a table well-stocked with self-serve coffee, water, juice can be placed near food table. You can arrange  bar tenders for alcoholic beverages. One more thing which you cannot avoid is, an organizer that all the light and decoration is well organized and according to ambience. Make sure all the arrangement done proper and mandatory service should not be missing. That’s it. All is well that ends well.

Pleased Guests by Services


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