How the Wedding Planners and Organizers Make The Wedding Spectacular

The wedding is the most romantic day in a couple’s life. The flowers, the clothing, the setting, the cake, and all other preparation evoke a kind of magic: an excitement that is unlike any other day. Everyone looks forward to wedding and can spend hours afterwards enthusiastically discussing the most minute details. It is the charm we remember, but also the choice that set each wedding apart. It is also my belief that every couple, no matter their personal style or the size of their budget, can have perfect day.

For a successful wedding, a wedding organizer has to do proper plan, team work, and co-ordination with the team and vendors and labors. Make sure everything according to theme, guest numbers and as pre decided, don’t wait till last minute. Here are few tips that will help you to select right wedding planner or company.

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The flowers decoration:

images of flowers

Choice of flower is largely depends on the theme as it represents the colors. Traditional to English each wedding has different flower.

The Wedding Suits / Gown:

designer indian wedding dress up

The occasion is the prime factor for the choice of attire. Mahendi, sangget, wedding and reception each occasion has different style and type of cloths.

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The Stage Set-up:

marriage stage decoration

Each community has different traditions to follow and accordingly the need for stage decoration and set-up also differs.

The Wedding Cake:

indian theme wedding cake

The choice of cake also depends on the theme. Even flavor and shape of cake is also very important.

The Food Menu:

wedding food menu

This is very important factor in any wedding and largely affects the budget as well. This decision is mainly depends on the kind of guests that are going to attend the wedding.


IF each of these criteria is analyzed and considered at the time of planning, the wedding will become the most memorable occasion not only for groom and bride but also for the guests who are attending. Welcome guests as your own guests; please them with best of service. This will built a good reputation and future client reference also.

I take so much pride and joy in their happiness, and each and every wedding is unique and a reflection of that very special !

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