Do up Your Spaces with Creative Ideas This Diwali

diwali decor ideas of rangoli and diyas

“Party Cruisers India Wishes you Happy Diwali”

Diwali, the festival of light and color, is the festival with very high traditional value and decorating creative ideas that enlights each corner of the house without having splurge excessively is very important. The festival is connected to light and color and here are few tips to enhance the beauty of your house with easily available material that does not give heavy burden on your pocket.

Diwali Decor Ideas of Rangoli and Diyas

Decorate the Entrance: On this occasion, we invite our guests to visit our house and entrance will give them the first impression about our house, hence decorating the entrance is very crucial. Simple decoration with ‘Rangoli’ flowers and bright lighting will make good impact. Having Rangoli made of colors or flower always wins the attention of the people. Guests while entering into the house must feel that they are welcomed at your house. Decorate the gate with bright lights and real flowers helps in enhancing the mood. Having few plants at the entrance or any showpiece or diyas at the entrance always wins the heart of the people.

Diwali Rangoli Decoration

Brighten your Living Area:  This is the area where your guests will be seating, hence attractive decoration to create pleasant atmosphere for living area is more important. Cleanliness and decoration both has to be perfect. Playing a soft music will add an extra star to your decoration. Each corner has to be brightened properly for that, placing lamps with different size and shape, having a fountain miniature, placing flowerpots, centerpiece each will add value. Choosing a decoration for living area is highly affected by the size and hence to many things will consume lot of space so we need to ensure that house should look specious after all the decoration.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Glow up your Kitchen & Bedroom: Though this area is not highly exposed to the guests but we need to remember that the festival is not only for the guests. To enhance the mood and thus enjoy the festival with full swing, you have to decorate the other areas as well. Well decorated bedroom will brighten your entire day. Sweet fragrance & attractive colors enhance the mood when you get up in the morning. Entire family gathers at the dining area so dining area also have special decoration for the festival.

Kitchen Interior Design

Enlighten the Windows / Balcony: By Putting diyas or chandelier in this area and decorating the borders with LED lights will enhance the look of your house. As this area is visible from outside, you have to design it creatively so that your house looks more attractive than others’.

Light up Your Window

These small tips will help you decorate your house that will bring memorable festival to your family and your friends & guests will leave your house with enhanced mood and feeling of happiness.

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  1. Hey Poonam!
    Wish you happy diwali….

    This is very nice blog for the Indian. Inspiring ideas tell us that how to decorate house on and light up on festivals. I love the blog.

    Thanks for sharing great ideas…

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