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PartyCruisers India’s Multi-talented Experienced Team Organizes Events and Royal Wedding planner in India

Wedding planners are of great importance in today’s world. They have skills that you will be in need of when you are getting married. Your wedding function will have to be planned very carefully. Why do want to take all the stress when someone else can do it for you? Planning a wedding can be tiring. It takes a lot of effort to make preparations for a perfect wedding ceremony. Wedding planners offer you their experience and provide you with a lot of ease. You can save yourself from a lot of hassle by hiring the right wedding planners to do the job for you. If you have ever thought of having someone who could take full responsibility for your wedding and you thought you had no one, Party Cruisers India are there to make you think otherwise.

They will take care of everything just like you would. All they need is to know what type of wedding you have in mind and the results are their responsibility. It’s their skills and their professionalism that makes them the best wedding planners in India.

How to plan a wedding?

Planning a wedding becomes much easier when you have the helping hands that have made many wedding plans a success. They are aware of the minute details need to be taken care of and the complications that might become a hurdle in the way of a successful wedding.

The first step towards a successful wedding plan is to decide where you want your wedding to be. The location is of utmost importance because it determines how easy it will be for you to travel to that place, the quality of services over there and how you will be able to execute your wedding plan at that particular place.

The second step is to choose the right team of wedding planners to help you sort things out. Once they have your instructions, it is their job to get what you want, regardless of how they get it. There is a reason that they are wedding planners and that is because they know how to get things done. They are not only quick but efficient as well and that is what comes with time.

The third step is to keep an eye on what is happening with your plan and whether or not it is being followed as you require. You might also need to make some changes during the process of implementation and so you must show some interest in the progress of the plan. It is also important for you to pass instructions to the planners during the work so that you can point out any problem that you think exists in the plan so that it can be fixed before it gets bigger.

Your wedding will be perfect only when your plan is implemented exactly as you wanted. At least your wedding should be an event where everything happens according to what you want.

What to do?

By hiring the best wedding planners India, you can consider half of your job to be done. Who can be a better wedding planner India than Party Cruisers? The best planner is the one who understands exactly what you want and is actually able to provide it. It is not the name but the efforts and dedication of the team that makes your wedding go smoothly.

Creative Destination Wedding Management Company for your Special Day To Remember – Party Cruisers India

Planning a Dream wedding is like a Dream in itself that remains a distant dream forever! If you do not think the creative way, that is. Today, with great opportunities, good connectivity, so many professionals working in event management, services easily available – the task seems easier. If you are looking for the perfect Destination Wedding in India then look no further. We at, have got the perfect packages that are in tune with not just your budget but we get you the exotic destinations where you want to tie your nuptials. It looks like a fairy-tale affair but yes indeed it is and you will witness it sooner when your D-Day strikes!

Today, with bigger disposable incomes families and individuals are splurging money like never before. The higher standard of living has amounted to individuals wanting the best for everything they do and of course that includes the Wedding Celebrations – The most important event of the lifetime. With us, you can have a perfect start to your wedding planning with all professional skilled hands ready to give you the best wedding celebrations ever. Our prime focus is to give individuals the taste of their choices, passion they have, lifestyle in their wedding theme. We try to in-grain a pulse of everything in the creative weddings that we prepare for our clients.

Our professional experts are there to guide for trousseau, jewelry, decorations, themes and knowledge about the wedding location. You can seriously have a carefree wedding that has been taken a lot of care with the help of our skilled creative team and coordinators. We are partnered with the best and reliable hospitality partners to have a remarkable wedding day and great staying experience for your friends, families and guests. We have many requests from families to arrange for Destination Wedding Near mumbai away from the hustle and bustle of city life. There are hundreds of options to choose from. People are choosing the best of the best for their wedding venues. The latest locations people are looking for are Lavasa city, Lonavla and other farm house places where the weddings can be arranged with all the richness and galore
of natural surroundings.

Our teams are highly experienced and we promise to give the best experience with us. We are the number one Destination Wedding Planner all over India and have successful arrangements of wedding outside India. The beautiful wedding locations are in themselves the best natural locations so you do not have to waste much money in decorations. We promise to give you best wedding venues suiting your budgets along with other accompaniments that may be adjusted.

With Party cruisers you are sure to have a unique wedding setting with a very intimate experience. Our wedding planners will make sure you are completely relaxed on your wedding day with all the best experiences in style, surroundings, food and decorations. We effectively plan every step of wedding plan to give you the best fulfilling and enriching experience for very important day of your life.

Party Cruisers India – One of the Top Wedding Management Company to Let You Stay Organized During Your Wedding Day

Weddings in India are a very blessed affair with lot of preparations and traditions that are followed. It is a blissful occasion where families come together and there is so much of chatter around the whole house. Sometimes, the preparations become too overwhelming for the families, bride, groom and even family members. In such scenarios, the Professional Wedding Planner services works best where all your important needs for the events following before and after the wedding are nicely taken care of. Some people really have wrong notion about wedding planners, they think it’s costly for them to hire a professional who can take care of all the arrangements. But reality is else!

With, you are sure to get great relief from all the arrangements and stress that comes during planning. We are one of the Top 10 Wedding Planners in India planning wedding for families in India and Abroad for last so many years. There are various benefits to hiring a Professional Wedding Planner; lets get a sneak peak into the real advantages when you hire a professional wedding planner:

Budget – the most important part of the wedding, it is important to have a check on all expenses and what is your final budget for the wedding. The professional, experienced and highly skilled wedding planner shall compose and manage all your expenses. He will act like your financial advisor giving you the rights advise on the money that you are using for wedding. They will give you clear ideas about where and how you can save money. They are often connected to vendors who can give you good discounts and share schemes that are on going. There are different packages to select from and planners will always guide you best according to your intended expenses.

Wedding planners are often the people who are most creative in the work that they are doing. So you get the perfect setting and there are no ifs and buts, they have clear idea of what you want and they will do the best they can to give you your perceived dream wedding. The weddings that are held away from home needs a lot of attention and hence the planner make sure they personally visit the place, area, guide the team to make preparation that would not ideally be possible for family members to do so. Providing accommodation to the guests is the biggest arrangement to do, but with wedding planner they already know the hotels to look out for and can get you the best deals that are possible.

We are the most professional and skilled Top Wedding Planners in India, we understand the needs, feelings, nervousness of couple, family pressures that they go through for weddings, consulting the best designers, arrangements for guests, special functions to be held, etc. Our wedding coordinators will be at their wits end on your D-Day to make it all running smoothly and with ease. We ensure that you and your partner have the best wedding ceremony that you ever decided, dreamt and planned. We innovate and create ideas and implement, each of our weddings have been a new idea that are always original!

Plan Your Destination Wedding At One Of These Scenic Places Around The Country

India is a land of diverse cultures and celebrations, with it comes the whole galore of vibrant festivals, rituals and traditions. Talk about Indian fat
Weddings, you are sure to get mesmerized with the amount of ideas, celebrations, and fun and galore that happens during the weddings. Indians customs are
world famous and there is no wonder, many International celebrities decided to wed in India for the sole purpose of having uniqueness and traditionalism in
their marriage. India is the best place to tie the knot, not just because of its culture but also the amount of options couples have to be at the most
lovely place during the special day of their lives.

Now a days, Indian weddings are themed weddings for which couples start preparing in advance for almost a year or more. The themed weddings are set
according to the couple choices what they like most or are fond of or passionate about. Indian Royal weddings are much talked about affair in entire world.
Lets take a look at some of the Destination Wedding in India that are
held with much excitement and fervor:


Lavasa a new destination not just for holidays, but the area is often flocked by Corporates, NRIs, wedding families, Mommy groups and more. It is one of
the best Destination Wedding Near Mumbai with a close proximity to
Mumbai that makes it even more convenient for people who plan to have dream wedding here. It exactly replicates the Italian town of Portofino, it has lush
green valley and is totally surrounded by Lake. There are a number of restaurants one can watch out for based on their choices. People can enjoy water
sports. Weddings are organized here in the serene lakeside, away from hustle and bustle of city life.


A hot spot favorite of Indians, foreigners and Couples to tie the nuptials, Goa has always been attracted to people from around the world. Goa has myriad
of options to choose from. There are cruise weddings, pool weddings, beach weddings and lovely options for closed locations too.


Hyderabad is particularly famous for its Awadhi cuisine. It is commonly known as the land of Nizams where people buy pearls and artistic palaces are the
things to really vouch for. The palaces offer royal setting for the perfect wedding with marble staircases and traditional woodcarvings. The guests get to
attend the wedding and also enjoy their trip by visiting different places.


Jaipur is the place where people look forward to have fairy tale weddings, the pink city of India as its rightly called. There are numerous palaces, forts,lakes, and sand dunes for the weddings to make it perfect. The weddings are arranged to entertain guests with folk dance, music, camel rides and the luxuries to stay in palaces.


Udaipur – the place where you enjoy ancient architectural designs of palaces with the best in hospitality for the perfect weddings. It is one of the best places to arrange grand wedding affairs. The guests can enjoy polo matches and elephant rides to keep them engaged amidst the wedding galore.


One of the beautiful locations to hold perfect wedding with the majestic Kanchenjunga! Weddings here are no less than a fairy tale affair with many options for guests to enjoy their stay with monasteries, alpine meadows with serene environment. Weddings are luxurious with natural beauty and a glimpse of cultural heritage.

We at, make sure to give you one of the best and exotic weddings that you ever desired. We are the most creative Destination Wedding Planner that understands your needs and views.

Luxury wedding Planner and Event Designers in India with an Internationally Renowned Reputation for Exclusive Celebrity weddings

Our whole Indian tradition relies and is grounded on the strong path of bondages. Weddings are one such thing that binds not just two individuals but also families so it is done in the most perfect manner as possible. With extravagant wedding and more incomes at disposal, people want the extra flavor to their Fat Indian Wedding. To make an event perfect and make it a superior experience, we are here – The Best Wedding Planners In India, giving you just a perfect beginning! We completely understand the phase where a bride and groom goes through a gamut of emotions, highs and lows, choosing and tasting. Hence, we are here with our elegant preparations to make your D-day the most memorable one for your life. We have a dash of all; in everything we do and prepare for our esteemed elite clients.

We are multi-skilled charming breed of professionals who have dealt it and nailed it. Meaning sometimes we are just flagging off the satins in the skies,yet sometimes we are sitting with bride to select the perfect gown and sometimes we are coordinating with our fellow makeup artists. We make sure that you not only have experiences and pictures but a lifetime memory that you would live with every single day of your life. We at, go beyond your expectations giving you plethora of options with our designs and styles to make your marriage a sacred sentiment and a fun-filled event for you and family members. With a glimpse of beauty, glamour and passion involved, our weddings are sophisticated and tech-savvy.

The Indian weddings are world famous!

Our weddings go far beyond the traditional mandap setting and family members having a wonderful feast together. We are one of the most trusted Wedding Planners In India who has delivered a billion dollar weddings up to date. We have always developed wedding themes by inculcating a gist of bridegroom personality. We do Indian and International weddings and other special events with flexible packages to choose from. Our partners make sure to give you the best choices in Hospitality and wedding locations. Our
planning starts with deciding the initial pre-conceptualization, then the turnkey productions, post event support and just everything you can think of for any functions. The concepts that we develop for you includes pre-event publicity, venue book, catering and transport. Other production events include set-up, staffing, entertainment, stage designing and more.

We are a full-fledged event management companies giving you great experiences to our clients and strive to give better each day. We are based in Mumbai but our network and services are globally recognized. We have worked in different sectors like IT, Automobiles, Tourism, Retail, F&B and much more. Our signature services include Personalized wedding packages, budget management, vendor management, wedding invites, wedding venues, design and décor, event planning, photography, make-up, entertainment, choreography, luxury wedding destinations and much more. We provide everything that you may be looking for in any important events of your life!