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Vivaah’s Unforgattbale Moments for Destination Wedding – Wedding Photography

vivaah wedding viday1Indian weddings are a grand and lavish affair, where all near and dear ones come together to bless the beautiful couple for the new phase of their life together. Once all the D-day rituals are over, and the couple is official known as ‘husband and wife’, comes a moment that is a little bittersweet experience for the bride and her family. This is the moment of vidaai, when the bride bids farewell to her family and moves towards her husband’s home. Here we have got some emotional and some joyous shots of the vidaai ceremony from real Indian weddings.

The final stage of the wedding

vivaah wedding viday

 Vidaai symbolizes the final stage of the wedding. The bride gets ready to bid farewell to her parents’ home, and makes her way towards her husband’s home. When old ties break, even if only symbolically, tears do find their way out. Here is a shot of two beautiful brides, teary-eyed, before leaving for their new abode.

Rituals attached to Vidaai

beautiful bride on her wedding 

During the vidaai ceremony, as the bride steps out of her parents’ house she pauses at the door to throw a handful of rice and coins over her head. Daughters are considered to be the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi (deity of wealth and prosperity). So, a bride wishes that her parents’ home remains prosperous even after she leaves!

Wishing prosperity for her parents

wedding ceremony celebration

Here is a beautiful shot of a bride throwing a handful of rice over her head as a wish of prosperity for her parents’ home. And, do take a look at her expressions! Vidaai is a bittersweet moment no doubt, but it is not necessary that tears have to be a part of it. This bride’s smile says a lot about her love for her parents’ home as well as her excitement of entering a new life.

Bride’s wishes for her parents
Indian wedding ceremony celebration

Vidaai ceremony is not limited to a particular community or faith. This ceremony, though with varying rituals, can be found in every community in India. Here is a South Indian bride throwing rice over her head as a part of the final farewell ceremony from her parents’ home.

Repaying her parents with love
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The vidaai ritual also symbolizes that the bride has repaid her parents for her upbringing and for everything they have bestowed on her. As the bride throws grains of rice behind, her parents and other close family members are there to catch it in their hands or dupatta.

Tears do well up

heart touching viday photography 

The mention of vidaai in itself is enough to make the bride and her family’s eyes well up with tears. As their little, loving daughter welcomes a new life of bliss; parents are filled with feelings of happiness for her, blessing her with all their heart and soul. Here is a shot of a mother wiping her daughter’s tears during the vidaai ceremony.

Parents’ wish for her happiness 

beautiful indian bride with her father

As the bride leaves for her new home with her groom, her parents’ give her hand to the groom and request him to love and take care of their precious daughter always. It is every father’s wish that his little princess is always treated as a ‘princess’. Here is a bride who makes her way towards her new home with her loved ones guiding her.

Towards new life

beautiful wedding coupleThe final ritual in the vidaai ceremony sees the couple move towards the car to head towards the groom’s house. Here is a bride who makes her way towards her new life with her husband.

Beauty and emotions
wedding car

Indian weddings are filled with moments that are beautiful, significant and emotional too. Here is a close up shot of a bride sitting in her car after the vidaai ceremony. She is now ready to move towards her new home with her husband and his family, which is now her family too!

She wants happiness

unforgettable moments of wedding

When a bride leaves for her new home she wants to make sure that her parents and loved ones do not cry. This is what this bride wants, as she wipes away tears from her family member’s eyes during thevidaai.

Happy and excited

bride doli  Traditionally an Indian bride leaves her parent’s home in a doli. Here is a shot of a beautiful bride who seems excited to enter her new life.

Her eyes say it all!

Last wedding moments with bride

A bride’s eyes become a window to her heart and soul at this moment. Her eyes may have tears in them, but there is also the twinkle of the excitement of the new phase of life that is about to start. Take a look at this bride who has managed to mesmerize us with her eyes!

She has someone by her side always

welcome to new home

The tears that a bride and her family members shed during this time are khushi ke aansu (tears of happiness). During this emotional moment, it is very important that her groom stays by her side to assure not only her but also her parents that he will always be with her, to guide her and take care of her.


wedding viday

Every parent wants their daughter to be happy always, whether she is in their home or at her husband’s home. Here is a shot of a mother bidding a happy adieu to her daughter as the bride’s car moves towards her new home.

Entering new home

welcome new home with kumkum - photographs

After the bride enters her husband’s home there are many more rituals that follow. One of the most important and significant ones is the ‘griha pravesh‘. The first steps that a woman takes into her new home after the wedding is a celebrated and a crucial moment.

Tips to Make Your Wedding Decor Memorable Without Breaking The Bank

Wedding season is going all out and as a wedding planner, the weight is on to make lovely marriage gives that visitors will appreciate. Here are a couple tips to make your wedding décor memorable without breaking the bank.outdoor wedding decorations

1. Pick a motivational component and let it manage you’re shading, style and plan.

party table decorations
Choices and determinations will be much less demanding with an arrangement, so attempt to make a firm vision and designs cape. Here, we began with china designs and utilized those hues to facilitate table materials, dishes, decorative designs, inflatable and take home gifts.
Our topic was chic greenery enclosure party, so while silver and china were unmistakable, we blended and coordinated plates and dishes to keep it from searching excessively formal for the lawn greenhouse setting.
2. Join rentals with family legacies to hold expenses down.

flower decoration for wedding
Since we needed a cozy, open air setting, we chose to have the shower at our guardians’ home. This allowed us more plan and menu flexibility than facilitating at an eatery yet we needed to make sense of table-settings for every one of our visitors. Our expense effective arrangement was to lease dish sets yet utilize our grandma’s china and silver, which was beautiful as well as spared us at the bank, as well.
3. Delight with DIY.

When it came to take home gifts, we needed to think outside about the ever-famous macaron box. Staying with our “greenery enclosure chic” theme, we gathered vintage teacups and planted succulents in them, which then served as spot cards. Did our blessings amuse our visitors, as well as the parts were cheap and open: succulents normally cost around $3 each, and teacups can be found at thrift shops, on Etsy or on eBay. As an extra, visitors can replant the succulent and reuse the teacup!
4. Disentangle the decorative designs.

flowers decoration
Rather than solitary centerpieces, I chose to make shows that were much quicker and simpler to make. I delved into my gathering of little, intriguing holders and bud vases and utilized them as vessels for the floral. You can discover comparative, spending plan well disposed holders however take note of that you will require very much a couple of them or your presentation will look scanty. I picked the spouse’s most loved blooms – sweet peas, peonies and ranunculus-in hues that planned with whatever remains of the outline a component to finish the look.

Enormous feathery stems of viburnum, variegated geranium, and maidenhair plant included splendid, new greenery to the blend. These plants are not as pricey as blossoms yet include a considerable measure of volume and differentiation.

5. Escape from the vase with the stylistic theme.

wedding flower decoration

Blossoms can be utilized past centerpieces and showcases – use them to enrich your smorgasbord and topping your plates!

Numerous blooms are consumable and can be found at the supermarket and at the rancher’s business sector. Watch out for these beautiful bundles and utilize them in servings of mixed greens or to make your plates lovely.

We sprinkled petals on organic product plate of mixed greens and French toast, and put a titan vase of Dutch hydrangea at the nourishment & refreshment zone.

6. In particular, have a great time!

fun wedding photo ideas

Wedding showers are blissful events so attempt to keep stress at the very least. Things won’t not go precisely to arrange but rather in the event that you grin and are calm, your visitors won’t know the distinction. By the day’s end, set out a glass of champagne, have a ton of fun and cheers the lady to-be!