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Wedding Venue in Mumbai for Indoor and Outdoor Weddings

Mumbai is a wedding venue paradise! Mumbai is sufficiently huge to coddle venues of any style, size and spending plan. Whether you’re searching for conventional meal and group corridors, terrific 5 star lodgings or astonishing dinners, Mumbai is the perfect destination. Mumbai is the kind of city that you just right away experience passionate feelings, here are the best wedding venues from HNIs’ to budget wedding planners.


Let’s go!

Mumbai has no lack of wedding venues fit for a wide range of spending plans. The motivation behind why Mumbai is so differing is on the grounds that it has a wide range of wedding venues conceivable. Encompassed by a ravishing horizon and staggering perspectives of the Bay, . Getting hitched here implies that you have no lack of venues to look over – think dance floors, lodgings, open air gardens or shoreline confronting gazebos. What’s more, best of all, the city is loaded with world-class culinary specialists and extravagant lodging for every one of your visitor.

Outline of Venues in Mumbai

A wedding in Mumbai can run from any place between Rs 3,00,000 (ordinarily in a group or meal lobby) and go up to Rs 10 millions in a 5 star inn. We’ve aggregated a rundown of the best venues in Mumbai for a wide range of spending plans. Make your ceremony the getaway of a lifetime at one of these stunning Mumbai venues.


Do you opt fancy a lake side wedding – Renaissance Powai is the perfect place. If you want to go for sea side venue – Juhu Hotel , Novotel Juhu beach, Dariya Mahal, Taj Mahal Palace all great options. As you chose five star hotel for your wedding venue hare are options – Westin, Trident BKC, Sofitel, The Leela, ITC Grand Maratha, Grand Hyatt and Sahara Star fit the bill. If you are looking for Banquet halls – Grand Sarovar Premier, Blue sea Banquets, All Seasons Banquets, Mayfair Banquets are among the man good options available. As you opt for a community hall Juhu and Vile Parle are the places which have many Gujurati and Marwadi community halls, while South Indian community halls and temples are mostly concentrated in Mahim and Chembur. Dadar has many well-known Maharashtrian community halls.


Conclusion: I am sure that this article will help the folks who are looking for a wedding in Mumbai. Mumbai is the city of heaven where marriages are celebrate with great grandiose.

Plan a Romantic Destination Wedding at Royal Palace in Rajasthan

RAJASTHAN – A perfect venue for destination wedding

Rajasthan is known as “Land of Great Kings” or “Land of Great Kingdoms” It is a biggest state in India, people from all across the globe comes here to spend its exclusive olden times. Even present day also Rajasthan has protected the inheritance and the quintessence of its gallant kings and queens.


What could be more romantic than a royal palace wedding? Couples who have their heart set on a royal wedding celebration are sure to find Rajasthan destination wedding is the way to go. Today HNI and NRI also prefer Rajasthan wedding because the beauty and grandeur of this state encompass a rich history, vibrant colours, exhilarating music and deliciously spicy food. This is the place of palaces and forts that are rich in history, refinement, elegance and opulence also are among the most spectacular and sought after wedding venues in the world. As you choose Rajasthan destination wedding, you are limited only by your imagination. Elephant processions with rose petals being showered on the wedding party, exotic fire dancers all within a backdrop of heritage forts, palaces or royal hotels are just a few reasons to choose Rajasthan as wedding venue.

rajasthani bride photos

Umaid Bhawan Palace- Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan is a standout amongst the most lovely wedding venues you can envision to set the day of your wedding against. Made totally out of Chittar sandstone, this castle plays host to the rich and renowned. It’s set against the setting of the Blue city of Jodhpur and its structural engineering is a juncture of Victorian and Rajput impacts. The Umaid Bhawan Palace is home to one of the most excellent dance halls on the planet. Roosted high over the desert capital of Jodhpur, Umaid Bhawan Palace, the brilliant toned desert sandstone landmark is the final one of the colossal royal residences of India and one of the biggest private homes on the planet. Set in the midst of 26 sections of land of lavish greenery enclosures, the Palace is a mix of eastern and western engineering impacts. The sumptuous insides with plated furniture and rich work of art take after the deco craftsmanship style, supplemented by colorful wall paintings. Umaid Bhawan royal residence offers wonderful venues for holding your fantasy wedding. The venue, subjects and food made, showcase the way of life and culinary conventions of the district.

It is decently associated with Jodhpur Airport and Railway station, both only 5 and a 15 minutes head out.

Taj Lake Palace-Udaipur

city palace udaipur

Udaipur is a historical town, Palatial locations which is centuries old have been the most premium and exotic venue for weddings. In Udaypur, the Taj Lake Palace is just serve as venue to host festivities and are priced as Packages combining venue, meals, may be some standard décor in terms of banqueting, welcoming of guests etc

Rambagh Palace- Jaipur

taj rambagh palace jaipur

The sandy soil of Rajasthan is splashed with stories of valiance love and sentiment that charms starry peered toward couples to make an interpretation of their continuous sentiment into a purified union. The feelings are on an extraordinary high and you are searching for a venue which serves as an origin of affection and sentiment to make your most imperative festival of life a flawless begin. Occasions at Palace are reminiscent of glorious services of past period with a dash of advancement

Royal Wedding Jaipur

Conclusion: Throw a stress free destination wedding celebration with PartyCruisersIndia.Com

Do Something Special by Choosing Romantic Valentine’s Day Party Theme

If you are invited for being a part of Corporate Party, Theme Party, Valentine Day Special Party or Romantic Dinner Party, I am sure you are planning to do something different to look gorgeous. Your attire effects to make you gorgeous in the party. for that you need to know which theme is held by the host. So choose your dress wisely. Not to be worry, here are some ideas which kind of attire will make you feel special. Hope it may help you to feel you gorgeous look.

Hi ! Gown

designer evening gowns

The light and springy Georgette works eye-poppingly on these sexy seductresses, as they complete this stunning look with the most precious accessory in a in a woman’s armoury: a smile!

Hi ! Mini

hot mini dress for corporate party

Sometimes good fashion also comes in small packages, and what these short dresses lack in length they make up for in style. Minis are the best option for the party.

Hi ! White

white suit for women

The simple and classic white seems to be the choice cuts for these ladies. What can we say – sometimes angels do walk on earth.

Hi ! Shimmer

designer shimmer dresses

The sheen on their dresses brings to mind the incandescence of mermaids, white the ladies themselves glisten in reflected glory.

Hi ! Back

latest back designs in gown

Now these devilish damsels mystery as they saunter to the music like the chimerical belle of the ball.

Hi ! Black

black cocktail dress

No matter the season, black always makes a comeback on the red carpet with enhanced drama! Here, the ladies have kept it simple and let the gossamer ensemble speaks for its elegance.

Hi ! Trail

one shoulder dresses

These ladies have certainly picked up cues from the royal nuptials – the elegant trail, for one. They are keeping it short and stylist.

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Plan Your Destination Wedding at Romantic Beach Area

If you’re looking for a  beautiful and romantic destination wedding, a beach wedding is the perfect option. And if you want to invite the whole many guests and friends, think about a fun-filled wedding weekend and reunion at an activity-rich resort, lakeside town or beach.

Whatever you decide, beach weddings are often unique, memorable and offer a plethora of options. Here are six steps to make planning yours an official breeze.

Fort Wedding

Scout out Locations

Choose a place based on your wedding style and call the entire guest in the list unlike a hometown affair. Don’t assume everyone will be able to attend, especially if you’ve chosen a beach that requires a journey for most people. You’ll want to compare facilities and, if you’re marrying on a private beach, look if any permit is required, container laws, and clean-up charges.

Beach Wedding Decoration

Beach Wedding Decoration

Start Early

Find the venue and start planning accordingly for wedding on beach as soon as possible. Not only you have to reserve your venue, but also fulfilling the marriage and potential permit requirements of the state in which you are to be wed which may take a few months. For example, some public beaches may charge commissions and also ask you the detail explicitly all pieces of equipment you’ll be bringing to the site, as well as all the food and beverages to be served there. Remember that you’ll also need to have a plan in place for cleaning up, which is one part of the wedding process you don’t usually need to think about when you’re holding your affair indoors.

Romantic Beach Wedding Lighting

Romantic Beach Wedding Lighting

Be Flexible

Always have a back-up plan in place for whatever she throws your way. Mother Nature works in mysterious ways so you don’t feel compelled to organize the day on a time schedule; if you need to be on a rain delay for a couple of hours, the rest of the day can still proceed as planned.

Work with the Known

Work with a bridal consultant who specializes in beach weddings or a wedding planner in the area where you’ll be assisted in particular beach’s requirements. Planners also serve as expert eyes for finding and overseeing local vendors.

Guide Your Guests

If you’ve chosen a relatively isolated section of beach, make sure that guests know how to find it and can traverse any rocky areas, boardwalks or grassy dunes. Be sure to place a welcome basket at the front of your ceremony site and goodies that will remind them of the setting like refreshing glasses of lemonade, or cozy beach blankets, for example.

Arrive Early

Plan to arrive to your site a couple of hours early to be sure the set-up goes off without a hitch. Stay hydrated and Try to relax. You don’t want to start wilting during the ceremony!

Indian Weddings in Unconventional Locations

Indian Weddings in Unconventional Locations

If you are one of those couple who prefer getting married away from the fast pace and maddening crowd of today, here are some of the destinations which will serve your purpose of a quite serene and beautiful wedding Unconventional  location.

The Himalayas always seems to be a cold weather, snow and uncomfortable accommodation. However the illusion is shattered once you will visit this beautiful and exotic location. The luscious green forests and the snow capped misty mountains overlooking the lawns provide an ideal setting for professing your love to one another. Between the functions, you can also engage your guests in activities like mountain picnics, trekking and yoga or river rafting and meditation for the less adventurous.

Surrounded by mystic blue hills, the tea plantations of Assam, Darjeeling and Munnar are well known tourists spots in India. There are some tea estates here, which offer cottages surrounded by hills and tea plantations for honeymooners and weddings, fishing, Trekking, cycling, boating are some activities that can be planned for the guests. Apart from this, you can also set up a site visit for your guests or indulge your guests in a tea tasting party where your guest sit back and sample the various aromatic flavors of fresh home grown tea.

The soft orange red glow of the fading sun and the magical expanse of sand framed by a clear blue sky during the day paint a mesmerizing picture for anyone visiting the dunes for the first time. These dunes are perfect for an intimate and get together celebration. Since many of the beautiful palaces in Rajasthan have been converted into hotels, these are perfect for a royal destination wedding. Some of the places have private sand dunes maintained by the hotels. To give your guests a taste of Rajasthan, instead of doing all your functions at the hotel, you can opt between having a pre wedding party or even the wedding ceremony itself at the dunes.

Getting married in the middle of a sea is another way of a perfect wedding, the Lakshadweep islands are one of the most exotic destinations in India.

These islands have high frequency by tourists and hence give you a chance of experiencing untouched beauty of nature. With a choice of 36 islands, you can give your guests the chance to visit beautiful coral reefs, hire a cruise ship or let them choose from scuba diving, snorkeling, Para sailing, kayaking, fishing and other activities.