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Theme Party Ideas for Your Daughter on First Birthday

Here is your loving daughter’s first birthday is fast approaching and you are scrambling around to arrange a perfect first party for her. Have a look our best theme party décor ideas for Girls that will be useful to celebrate your princess birthday.

That said here we go…. Let’s Party!!!

Royal Party Theme

Royal Party Theme

All daughters are princesses for their dads and apple of her mother’s eye. Check out the Royal princess theme decor.

Adorable Minnie Mouse Theme


Mickey and Minnie Mouse are all time favourite theme, this theme décor will make your kid’s first birthday memorable. Check out this adorable Minnie mouse theme.

Balloon Theme


If you are throwing a party with balloons décor, imagine a whole party based on Balloons!!It will be cute, isn’t it! Here is an awesome Purple Balloon themed. You can replace purple balloons with any color of your choice.

DIY theme

DIY theme

Check out these awesome printable from happy and Blessed Home you can create a DIY decoration. This is really easy and fun creating in your life too.

Peacock Theme

Peacock Theme

How can a party list be complete without our National bird, the Peacock. Here is an elegant Peacock birthday theme design studio base.

Yummy Strawberry Theme

Yummy Strawberry Theme

Is your daughter a fruit lover, then check out this yummy Strawberry First birthday theme at one charming day.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

You will love this throwing party, organized this splendid Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme for your kid. It is going to be love by your guests.

Daisies and Donuts Theme

Daisies and Donuts Theme

Daisies and Donuts!! Are you wondering why such a unique theme?? Well, it is intrigued by the host some time but it is stunning when the decoration completes.

Polka Dots Theme

Polka Dots First Theme

Polka Dots are always in fashion and yellow polka dots make great theme.

Rainbow theme

Rainbow theme

Rainbow means an array of colors, check out this awesome Rainbow Theme. Match all the cutlery to match the color scheme, looks Awesome!!

Sunshine Theme

Sunshine Theme

Arrival of a baby always brightens your life, they are like a ray of sunshine bringing warmth and happiness.

 Pink Monkey Theme

Pink Monkey Theme

A great decor idea for your naughty little one, It can be make as DIY, do check out this unique theme which is rarely used but loved by most of the people.

 Circus theme

Circus Theme

Kids adore circus, Check out this funky Circus Theme first from Untumble. Your child’s kids friends will enjoy this decoration.

Watermelon Theme

Watermelon Theme

If you little one is a summer born and you wish to host this awesome Watermelon Theme. Have a look watermelon party decoration theme.


Doraemon Theme

Doraemon is a very popular cartoon character in India, here is a cute Doraemon theme, I am sure kids guests will love it.

If you like any of themes, we are eager to hear a comment or you can contact us

Enhance the Beauty for the Special Occasion with Unique Table Centerpieces

Decoration plays a vital part in enhancing the overall occasion, be it a theme party or wedding ceremony. When it comes to decoration, apart from stage and drapes, table decoration is of vital importance. Centerpiece can be used to enhance the look of the table and woo the guests. As guests are going to be settled on the table, various color and fragrance will enhance the mood as well. Here we present few ideas to design the Unique Table Centerpieces as per the occasion.

wedding reception stage

Dressed in White 

theme party ideas

The theme of white gowns and flowers are always remarkable. Arrangements of calla lilies, hydrangeas, and Eucharists lilies stand among white pillar candles. Flowing, lengths of tulle drape the table like a bride’s veil, creating an air of intimacy.

Great lengths, long tables

flower arrangement

A long table allows you to have fun with size and scale and gives you space to establish a pattern. A long mahogany box with openings for floating candles, orchids curve over the box, adding heights to the display and split coconuts act as vases for single blooms. A table runner woven from cane extends beneath the centerpiece. Linen covers the table and chairs. At another reception opposite, bowls with floating candles. Peonies, roses, and Ranunculuses dot a boldly striped runner. The brown and the pink color scheme are modern yet romantic. The pattern and color repeat in the simple handmade place cards.

Sassy citrus

flowers arrangement ideas

Ceramic compote is filled with fresh lemons coated with sugar and glitter eucalyptus leaves are tucked among the lemons combine with ‘Icelandic’ poppies, Ranunculuses, tulip and fire lilies for a study orange.

Cut from the garden

outdoor wedding decorations

For a destination outdoor wedding almost nothing compares with the natural beauty of fresh flowers. In this centerpiece, sweet peas, hydrangeas and salvia are mixed with winter berries and blackberries in a wire basket.

Beautiful and Delicious

flowers and fruits

Red orange and yellow tomatoes look enticing in this rustic display. They are wrapped in netting, then placed in berry basket of olives continue the Italian theme.

 Fresh and greens

candle decorations for weddings

Very few colors feel as crisp and natural as green. Presented in a wooden vessel, this arrangement is a savory herbal bouquet, both leafy and fragrant. Olives in every shade are skewered together in graceful branch. With fresh green fruits – quinces, grapes, Anjou pears, green apples and china berries and delicate flowers at each setting hints at the bounty of the bowl.

Soft glow of candles

red rose flower arrangements

The mood of the wedding will be determined in part by the lighting. Outdoor events have different requirement than indoor. Glassine lined bags tops and vertical folds, and wrapped sheer taffeta ribbons around them, they’re set down the length of the table and paired with roses floating in shallows bowls.


By following the any of the ideas depending on the occasion, you can add wow factor to your event and make the day remarkable not only for you but also for your guests.

Create The Perfect Atmosphere to Express Your Love by Unique Valentine Gifts This Valentine’s Day

Love needs to be expressed and expressed love makes you feel special for the one among the thousands. So, when you are in love, life expects something special from you on the “VALENTINE’S DAY”, it is quite natural. You don’t need to look at it as a matter of demanding something from you, instead, you need to look at it as the strengthening of the bond of love that you two have. Sometime you are confused about what to gift your Valentine on special day. We are here to help you with these couples gifts as a set of two gifts that fit each other like a glove, symbolizing the perfect match. And it adds the fun to your life also. We threw in a few personalized gifts that are just primed for Valentine’s Day, which will bond you both together and help your love to be stronger.

Couple Rings

cute valentines day gifts

Arrange the party venue at romantic place. And present this beautiful rings, this may express that you and your partner are incomplete without each other. If you collect the both rings it will be one heart where you have lot of love for your partner.

Coffee mugs

coffee couple mugs

When you both are drinking tea or coffee together the couple mugs will be the Witness of your love. And these coffee mugs are the wonderful gift because either you or your partner are not together drinking you still stay connected through the mug.

Key Holder

fashionable couple keychain

These beautiful kitchens express your love to your partner. You can write name of your partner or friend on the kitchen of else you can write simple text as “I love you”.

Mobile Case

iphone5 case


If you both have the same company mobile, you can gift mobile case or cover. You can also express your love through mobile cover because when your partner picks the phone in hand, he/she read your message, smile and is going to miss you. You can gift  headphone connector of a heart shape. When you and your partner are together both of you can hear romantic songs and watch video and make the valentine more romantic.


Heart shape couple pendant

key heart couple neckless

A beautiful heart shape designed key and lock pendants are also very good for gift someone special on the special day.

Couple Wine Glasses

wine glasses

This is something funny idea. Wine glasses with one with mustache and another glass with lady lips, will make your loved one laughing.

Couple Pillows

couple kissing pillows gift

It’s lover’s day why to gift traditional heart shape pillow. Do something different gift something like couple pillows. It may be romantic gift for both of you.


Being a girl, looking to win over the heart of your man, try these great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas as well. If you are the boy, you have got the perfect opportunity at hand to fill in some much needed love, joy and intimacy in your lives by being close to each other. Life offers you a really short span of time, which makes it all the more imperative to get the best out of it. There is nothing better than living a life full of love, joy, and care. Thus, enjoy valentine day make your love stronger by gifting love and care.

While gift is very important to express your feeling, creating the perfect atmosphere before you gift is also equally important to make your beloved feel special. You can organize a party and invite your loved one as the special guest. Please him/her with fine dine and wine. To make this moment live ask your friend to capture the moment memorable. This will make the moment more special for your loved ones.

Tips to Make Your Theme Party Decoration Unique – Use Flowers’ Centrepiece & LED Furniture

Nowadays people would like to enjoy the theme parties which are innovative and looks something extra ordinary. If you are not able to create proper ambience, then you will fail to please your guests in spite of spending money. Here I share tips to party decoration by using flower centrepiece and LED balloons, lights and furniture.


Décor with paper ribbon, balloon, plastic arch and lights has become typical idea. But if you décor your party theme has took place every where, if you plan to throw bachelorette party, you have to arrange game table, casino poker and put a led bar counter, led chairs and furniture décor the party with led balloons, led hanging balls, it makes proper ambience.

If you are throwing a party for kids’, décor the party hall with various themes like Chhota Bheem, 3DDoraemon, Ben10, Barbie theme and many cartoon themes are available in kids’ party. Kids love cartoon theme most instead of boring and traditional theme. Just you have to arrange party decorators and they will make ambience for your loving kids. Else you can also create tent for party, décor with LED Lights also you can use balloon arch gate, flower chandelier, balloon chandelier and LED hanging balls. It is depend upon you, which theme you choose for your loved one to make him/her happy for any occasion either birthday or friends party.


How to make an event glorious? Decor walls with flowers and ceilings with colourful drapes and chandelier of flowers or you can use chandelier of lights if it is night function. Use golden and silver ribbon to decorate ceiling and flower, chandelier will make it awesome look. If you décor chairs with cover and ribbon& table decoration with fresh flowers or bouquet then it will become an add-on of your kids’ party. You can use multicolour flowers or same kind of flowers. If your event is for entertainment you have to décor stage for live performance or DJ party. Lighting is the most important factor in stage programme. Back drop décor with drapes, flowers and lights.

Thus, decoration is easy but if it’s innovative than it gives different glamour to your occasion and people admire host. After all every party or organizers’ goal is that guests enjoy, please, admire host and thank him for making a lovely ambience.