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Tips to Wedding Planner to Start a Franchise in India

If you are planning to start your own wedding planning company, it can be frightening to start your own business. You will require capital, inventory and storefront. You have to choose a name for your business that customers will recognize. Best way is to open your business by purchasing a franchise. Since the name has already been chosen for you and by simply writing a check, you’ll be able to open the doors and begin doing business as soon as you want to.

Get the best franchise at your own destination.

Wedding Franchise Opportunity

The first thing you have to ask yourself, where you want your business and know your ability. You will have a good team of decorators, catering, photographer, hair stylist etc. If you’ve planned weddings for all of your friends, and they thought you were pretty good at it; buy a wedding event planning franchise.

The possibilities are endless. Of course, you could buy a wedding franchise in Delhi, Amritsar, Jammu, Rajasthan, Mumbai. Go online and you can find prices and preferred locations. You will come to know what you want to do, where to do it and how. For the right price, you can be a wedding planner in no time.


Delhi is one of the places where wedding celebrates as an occasion. It is best place for open a franchise.


In it saying that Punjabis are found of food, bhangra and decoration. Amritsar is very famous city in Punjab where most of the wedding companies arrives and get good business during the year.


Jammu is very popular for the romantic destination wedding, because of the cold weather.


Rajasthan is famous for historic havelis, forts and palaces. Jodhpur is famous for royal weddings. Here you will get NRI and Hni couples who want their wedding in Royal style. It is also one of good place to have franchise in this city.

Some of the more popular franchise opportunities are: In Pune, Gujarat, Goa where you can get good business. In Jodhpur you can get good response because here is the opportunity for royal wedding and palace wedding. In Goa you will grab beach wedding and theme wedding. It is famous for destination wedding.

Choosing a franchise is not an easy, but chose the destination, make the plan, work according, make your team ready for the challenges and the business is your with a famous brand is working successfully right now. Like Vivaah who is in wedding decoration business for 20 years and has a good name in event and wedding industry. And it has much successful wedding franchise in metro cities and provides opportunity to get your own business at your favorite destination.

Conclusion: Happy investment and grab a best wedding opportunity at your destination.

Own an Event Planning Franchise

You already have the creativity, drive and ambition – so why choose a franchise? Franchising puts you on the road to success without the risks experienced by independent businesses. You have the advantage of brand awareness. When you buy into an established national or international brand, you are enjoying the automatic name recognition that comes with being associated with a large and familiar company.

You receive the training and support that incorporate proven techniques so that you can achieve success fast. You have access to a network of business owners who have been through the exact same experience. Networking and support from other owners is a priceless resource in business ownership.

Event Planning Career Opportunities

The events industry has become a $650 billion industry worldwide. Because of the dynamic nature of creating an event, Plan Ahead Events franchisees deliver expertise and know-how to their clients. Quite simply, a corporate client can rarely afford or dedicate the resources from their staff full-time to stage an event without professional help.

Plan Ahead Events is one of the meeting and event industry’s first franchise opportunities with easy start up, home based and low cost. No experience is necessary as we offer a turnkey franchise, a two-week training program, and all the hardware/software needed to run your business.

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A Perfect Franchise Business Opportunity

Sometimes I wish that my Crown has magic powers…

Because if it did, I could send those powers via Skype or phone to all of my franchise advisory clients-and make sure they ended up choosing perfect franchise business opportunities for themselves.

Oh…what the heck; let’s pretend that my Crown does in fact have magic powers.

crown of business franchise


For a franchise to be perfect, there are several things that it would need to have.


Powerful Business Systems

A franchise without a business system isn’t a franchise. It’s a business at death’s door.

After all, the franchise business model is all about the system, including the systems within the system.

When you look for a franchise to buy, make sure you find out just how great their systems are. That’s part of what you’re paying for.

Serious Brand Power

Most of the people says that they’re interested in buying a franchise that has a recognizable brand.

But, franchises that have a big brand can be hard to buy.

Not only are they going to be more expensive than a franchise without a recognizable brand (in some cases) but they may not have any locations available in your area.

If a franchise is “branded” that usually means it’s popular. It also could mean that it’s been around for a long time*-that’s why finding a location could be challenging.


For a perfect franchise business opportunity to survive in our fast-paced times, its corporate office must always be looking for ways to innovate.

While today’s consumers like consistency-they also like trying new things. Case in point: McDonald’s. You can go into any McDonald’s franchise and order a Big Mac. You can also order one of their chocolate shakes, and get a tasty hot apple pie. They’re staples. But, you can also order a McCafé Iced Mocha from an employee and watch it being made with one of their very expensive coffee machines.

Franchisers that are constantly innovating are franchisers that are increasing their chances of success for their franchisees and their brand. Perfect.

Powerful Franchisee Training

If you’re going to open a franchise, you need to feel confident about running the business.

The only way to get confident is to get trained. The training you receive from your franchiser is crucial. It needs to be amazing, as far as I’m concerned. You need to know everything about the day-to-day operations of your franchise business. You don’t want any surprises. In a perfect world, any potential “surprises” have already been dealt with by the franchiser. Remember, you’re buying a proven business system. That’s one of the promises that a franchiser is supposed to keep.

If you do great franchise research you’ll know ahead of time if that promise is being kept.

Wealthy Franchisees

A perfect franchise will have wealthy franchisees.

Of course, some of them were already wealthy…before they became owners, but I want you to dig deeper. I want you to seek out the top-earners. They shouldn’t be hard to find.

The great ones…I’m talking about the great franchisers here-are the ones that focus on franchisee profitability.

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