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Awesome Decor Ideas For Indian Weddings

Delightful fable weddings are the things that fantasies are made of. Along these lines, If you have envisioned about this day since everlastingly or on the off chance that you began to envision it when saying yes; whichever way wedding party decoration are truly critical to us. Right from the enormous subtle elements to the modest ones, we think about it all. Be that as it may, a mind blowing wedding requires some amazing motivation, isn’t it! Here I share Décor Ideas especially for Indian weddings.

Concentrate on Lights

Concentrate on Lights

Lighting pays a truly critical part in wedding stylistic theme, to such an extent that it can be a focal thought from where you can start. See underneath what takes our hearts

These announcement bloom and diya enhancements are making us go gaga. You can put these around the wedding venue at key spots.

For the wedding supper, why go for anything less sumptuous than candles with precious stone candelabras.

Light up the route to your wedding hall with incalculable strings of bright pixie lights.

Wonderful metal lights can loan that exceptional magnetism to your wedding venue.

On the off chance that you have trees at the venue, then get pixie lights wrapped around every one of them for that marvelous climate.

You can likewise make a system of pixie lights over the head and circles of pixie lights can serves as a delightful core interest.

Wooden screens can be lit with diyas and brightened with marigold laurels for a staggering passageway.

Light up your wedding  with paper lamps al the way. Draws out a tropical feeling isn’t that right?

In the event that you don’t have trees, wrap the columns at your wedding venue with pixie lights.

This photo demonstrates how a basic game plan can look uncommon with string lights.

On the off chance that you have an indoor venue, you could get lights settled to give the similarity of stars. It doesn’t get any more sentimental than this!

Why go for old exhausting settings when you can make one with numerous series of lights. Evidently your wedding pictures will be stunning.

Then again what about a white and gold-with square platforms of changing statures and candles all around your seat? Remember the unpretentiously excellent textured background.

Wedding decorations with flower arrangement


Use table centerpieces and flower bouquets for your decoration to little beautifying props at you’re weddings. To show

Indeed, even a day wedding can utilize a few candles. With those lamps and blossom petals streaming out – nobody is whining.

For an intriguing background, hang a mixed blend of lamps behind the serving table.

This lovely table centerpiece ideas blends blossoms with tree limbs. Try not to miss the dark gems and small flying creature confines.

Metal plate designed with blooms, metal lamps, glass tea-light holder and a little camel makes this a fascinating centerpiece.

On the off chance that you are not into blooms as centerpieces, plants with precious stones look perfect too.

This centerpiece with umbrella and blooms is past wonderful and able for a truly exceptional wedding.

Back to Indian roots

On the off chance that it’s an Indian weddings, it is awesome to have customary motivation behind your stylistic theme. Little components can have a major effect.

Obsolescent seats designed with splendid ethnic pads and window hangings make for awesome wedding stylistic layout.

Ghungroo or chimes make these blossom laurels totally one of a kind and covetable.

traditional indian wedding setting arrangement

Let the lady and man of the hour sit on a swing rather than your typical seats. This wonderful idea is most remarkable in reception.

To begin with, this announcement festoon piece is masterminded in concentric circles and second, the parrots give it an exceptionally excellent desi vibe. It doesn’t get any prettier than this.

About Flowers

indian wedding decor ideas

Blooms are a crucial piece of wedding stylistic theme, yet they can be utilized as a part of truly new routes also. Use fresh flowers and will make your décor magnificent. Right flower theme can give glorious impact to your wedding pictures.

Birdcages loaded with blooms can be intriguing focus pieces or you could even hang them around the venue.

On the other hand you could likewise reconsider the lights and top them off with blossoms and takes off. Particularly awesome when you need the lamps yet it is a day wedding!

Theme Wedding Decoration Will Make Your Event Elegant

Wedding decoration is the most spectacular thing in Asian weddings. 2015 wedding trend is theme decoration with floral, crystal, pearl, drapes, arch, chandelier. Make your wedding and pre-wedding function gorgeous by choosing themes like royal theme, beach theme, white snow theme, bollywood theme. Couples are choosing theme wedding with unique designs and stylist touch to the decoration. Here is a sneak peak of vivaah’s wedding decoration ideas.

Wedding Floral decoration

Wedding Floral Decoration

Using floral to the decoration will make your wedding magnificent. You can use flowers for table centerpiece, chandelier, as a backdrop and in the entrance you can make floral arch for the awesome decoration.

Stage decoration

Red Flower Wedding Stage

In any wedding, Stage decoration plays main role because this is the area where you can put your stylist touch and make wedding photography more elegance.


Wedding Decoration and Lighting

Actually lighting is not part of theme wedding but without lighting decoration looks dull and vapid. So choose your wedding lights which will increase the beauty to your decoration

Table Centerpiece

 Wedding Table Centrepiece

This is the most spectacular and noticeable by your relatives and guests where they will come for food. You can set beautiful centerpiece whether the floral centerpiece or crystal and pearl centerpiece.

Food Serve

Wedding Food Serve

Some of the people like food arrangement according to the theme. It is depended on the venue and theme chosen by you.

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10 Best Wedding Bouquets

Like true love, a wedding bouquet is both universal and personal. It’s a part of every bride’s attire, yet each woman chooses blooms that hold special meaning for her. Whether you carry a favourite flower or go with something new, this is a chance to make a bold statement about who you are. In weddings, classic rose bouquets helped many brides to the charm of tiny flowers and the pleasant surprise of a coloured tulip bouquet. Here are some ideas for wedding bouquet, which one suits with your wedding dress and make you feel princess on the special day of your life.

wedding photos

Terracotta & Pink flowers

rose flower bouquet

Dreamy, romantic garden roses in shade of terra cotta and pink blend with flowers that emulate the rose’s form, such a begonias. Dusty pink caladium leaves reflect the blooms’ hues. A cream edged brown grosgrain ribbon ties the bouquet and the color together.

Decorate with a monogram

wedding bridal bouquets

A pale bouquet hydrangea and dusty miller foliage becomes even more beautiful with a hand embroidered monogrammed button framed in glass beads and sewn to a bow crisp moiré ribbon. The stems are bound with a white taffeta ribbon.

Old Fashioned Charm

orchid flowers

You have a favourite flower, don’t you? These pink ‘Sally Holmes’ garden roses lasted only two hours after they were wired. But for the one bride, this was a once in a life time chance to carry them, and her florist made her bouquet just minutes before the ceremony. The results were worth it.

Beautiful Shades

beautiful flowers bouquet

More than anything, color dictates the mood of a wedding. In this bouquet of spring flowers, ranuculuses lend solidity to ethereal poppies and dainty. Tulips are as sleek as the ribbon used to tie the yellow flowers. Ruffled parrot tulips and button tulips appear to flicker with apricot-hued light in this bouquet.

Enchanting Button Cuff

wedding flower arrangements

The bride’s flowers usually go down the aisle wrapped in a satin ribbon, but with a new look. This jewelled bouquet gets its shimmer from layers of mother of pearl button on stiff ivory felt. Pearl pins give a soft glow to bunch of gardenias and Stephanie, which are tied beneath the cuff with an ivory bow.

A Beribboned Bouquet

fresh flower arrangement

Cascading bouquet tend to be loosely gathered, with the flowers draping downward on their stems, often trailing greenery or ribbons. This bouquet has vintage cotton violets, orange blossoms and gardenias, as well as fragrant fresh gardenias.

Roses are always romantic

white roses

Roses possess an indisputable iconic power. But they don’t have to be arranged in a standard red dozen to do so. Dutch roses in dusty and burnt pink hues are surrounded by rosy coleus and abutilon flowers. This bouquet is a dome of ‘surprise’ roses ringed in a dyed coque feathers. A white rose bouquet is made casual with wild grasses and bamboos, along with the clematis and green lady’s mantle. Variegated gladioli, plucked from their stalks and given wire stems, are mixed with garden roses and pink salvia


Different Flowers Pictures

Garden roses More expensive than other kinds, these open fully and have vintage charm.

Miniature Roses Excellent counter points to full size roses. These come in almost any shade, including red, yellow and pink.

Spray Roses these roses have multiple flowers on each stem, making them a cost effective choice of a lush grouping.

Modern Hybrid Roses With familiar layered petals, these can be found in many sizes.

Single Flower Sensations

bridal bouquet

Your bouquet is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your favorite flowers. Cheerful zinnias in a range of vivid pinks from a delightful posy. Pink and orange ribbon is knotted around brown taffeta for festive details. Graceful stalks of cymbidium orchids create an unexpected bouquet. When French anemones are bound with striped ribbon, black and white become soft and sweet.

Tiny Blossoms

pink flower bouquets for weddings

Miniature blossoms have a delicate beauty not often give a leading role in bridal bouquet. Working with florist, group them in lush arrangement to showcase their wealth of precious details. Choose flowers these are small in nature, such as lily of the valley, blossoms that come in miniature versions, such as daffodils and roses or florets cut from larger flowers, such as hyacinths.

Classic Perfection

flowers decoration

Sometimes the most classical things are also the most startling and beautiful, as in this luxurious bouquet, where three shades of the ‘Silver Lining’ poeny blend wonderfully. The flowers are densely packed, but room has been left for the buds to unfurl among the wide open blossoms


A good wedding bouquet can increase beauty in bride’s beauty. Make an ambience pleasant. Infect nowadays people selects flower colors according to the wedding theme, isn’t it Pretty Romantic Idea!

Enhance the Beauty for the Special Occasion with Unique Table Centerpieces

Decoration plays a vital part in enhancing the overall occasion, be it a theme party or wedding ceremony. When it comes to decoration, apart from stage and drapes, table decoration is of vital importance. Centerpiece can be used to enhance the look of the table and woo the guests. As guests are going to be settled on the table, various color and fragrance will enhance the mood as well. Here we present few ideas to design the Unique Table Centerpieces as per the occasion.

wedding reception stage

Dressed in White 

theme party ideas

The theme of white gowns and flowers are always remarkable. Arrangements of calla lilies, hydrangeas, and Eucharists lilies stand among white pillar candles. Flowing, lengths of tulle drape the table like a bride’s veil, creating an air of intimacy.

Great lengths, long tables

flower arrangement

A long table allows you to have fun with size and scale and gives you space to establish a pattern. A long mahogany box with openings for floating candles, orchids curve over the box, adding heights to the display and split coconuts act as vases for single blooms. A table runner woven from cane extends beneath the centerpiece. Linen covers the table and chairs. At another reception opposite, bowls with floating candles. Peonies, roses, and Ranunculuses dot a boldly striped runner. The brown and the pink color scheme are modern yet romantic. The pattern and color repeat in the simple handmade place cards.

Sassy citrus

flowers arrangement ideas

Ceramic compote is filled with fresh lemons coated with sugar and glitter eucalyptus leaves are tucked among the lemons combine with ‘Icelandic’ poppies, Ranunculuses, tulip and fire lilies for a study orange.

Cut from the garden

outdoor wedding decorations

For a destination outdoor wedding almost nothing compares with the natural beauty of fresh flowers. In this centerpiece, sweet peas, hydrangeas and salvia are mixed with winter berries and blackberries in a wire basket.

Beautiful and Delicious

flowers and fruits

Red orange and yellow tomatoes look enticing in this rustic display. They are wrapped in netting, then placed in berry basket of olives continue the Italian theme.

 Fresh and greens

candle decorations for weddings

Very few colors feel as crisp and natural as green. Presented in a wooden vessel, this arrangement is a savory herbal bouquet, both leafy and fragrant. Olives in every shade are skewered together in graceful branch. With fresh green fruits – quinces, grapes, Anjou pears, green apples and china berries and delicate flowers at each setting hints at the bounty of the bowl.

Soft glow of candles

red rose flower arrangements

The mood of the wedding will be determined in part by the lighting. Outdoor events have different requirement than indoor. Glassine lined bags tops and vertical folds, and wrapped sheer taffeta ribbons around them, they’re set down the length of the table and paired with roses floating in shallows bowls.


By following the any of the ideas depending on the occasion, you can add wow factor to your event and make the day remarkable not only for you but also for your guests.

DIY ideas for kids’ party

Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Believe it or not, almost every child, we’ve ever talked, claims his or her best birthday parties have been the ones held at home. This doesn’t mean spending a lot of money on overly producing on a lavish party but rather spending your time and energy with your child. The dividends of this investment will last far beyond the actual party day.


Here are the instructions, suggestion, and ideas for creating, selecting and preparing for each party. Setting and preparing the menu, choosing the decorations and favours and selecting and hiring additional entertainment. You can also include an outline of thing you need to make and buy, and an actual schedule of party activities.


Do it yourself Birthday Decoration Ideas

This is your child’s party, and it should be as much unique and personal as you can make it. Anyone can hire a party planner to “do a party”. But if you plan the party with your child, he gets the chance to share all aspects of the planning and ideas which pleases him. You just have to listen and follow what kind of  theme party your child has in his mind, which type of food he loves, which one he want as birthday cake. Guide him according to the party theme.


 DIY Party Invitation Card

Designing and planning the invitation is an important beginning for planning the party. It sets the stage and gets the guests excited long before the party happens. When your guest receives a folded drinking cup for the “Camp-out” Party, a sweepstakes certificate for the “Sweepstake” part, or a thong in a sand filled plastics bag for the “Shipwrecked” party, the anticipation begins as the mood for an exciting party is set.

You may use ready-made invitations or you can always add your own personal touch to these. Choose your own object to send party invitation. Have your child colour in invitation card drawings or add sequins or feathers or any accessories your child adores. Stickers are the perfect answer to many decorating needs. They spruce up thematic invitation, are perfect for making envelops eye catching, and will turn ordinary paper into pretty wrapping paper.


Decide the length of your party according to important events and gathering time. You don’t have to have a long party; as a matter of fact, a two-hour party that is well planned and chock full of activates is a guaranteed success, while a disorganized gathering for four hours is a sure disaster.


Gather your help and let them know the schedule of the party. Acquaint them with the children, the games, and the food. Here’s good rule of thumb: You Need one adult for every five young children (up to five years old), and one for every eight older kids.


Balloon Theme for Kids Party

Atmosphere is everything for any party. Once you and your child have chosen the theme, you will find ideas about how to use the most ordinary household’s gadgets or toys to turn your house into your child’s fantasy.

Our suggestions should inspire your own ideas. We urge you not to overdo. You can design the wonderful indoor environment for the “Stargazing” party without asking, if you can décor with the balloons arch, gate, barbie theme or else. You can create a “Candy Wonderland” out. And you most certainly can plan the “Camp-out” without flying everyone to National Park.


Birthday Party Kid Games

Each of your parties comes with its own suggested activities and games designed to complement the theme of that party. You will find that usually there are more games suggested for each party than you are likely to need. That is because it is better to be prepared with extra activates than to be caught with extra time on your hands. If you don’t get to play them all, just save them for the next party. You can engage kids in musical games, dance party, blow the balloon competition etc.

When making up your own list of games, particularly if you are mixing and matching games from different parties, be sure to keep in mind that rowdy games need to be followed by calming ones.