Awesome Places in Malaysia to Plan for A Destination Wedding

Getting a perfect life partner is the dream of everyone. You see the dream from childhood that the day when you will marry the day will be memorable for a lifetime. For this you opt for destination wedding, beach wedding, mountain wedding, resort as venue but when the day will arrive you will be confuse in choosing the right venue. Not to worry I share world’s best places and its destination ideas for make your wedding memorable.

Talking marriage vows amidst the melodious chatter of the birds, with the rustling sound of the wind brushing your face, the moon and stars smiling down upon you, the gushing water reminding you of the fervor in your feelings, and your entire family showering blessings is a dream wedding. It is an icing on the cake if you exchange vows at a scenic place where the beauty of the surrounding leaves no room for manual beautification. Choosing the perfect destination is no mean task. It must reflect your taste, style and your personality to the tee. Therefore, to make your task easy, we bring you the best destinations which are conveniently located from India and promise you unforgettable romantic wedding.



Destination Weddings in Malaysia

Malaysia exerts a huge pull towards Indians because of its advantageous location, beautiful surroundings and a rich cultural heritage. One can have a city, resort, beach or even a hillside wedding in Malaysia. A destination wedding in Malaysia is value for money and fits into every pocket.

Kuala Lumpur

With a mix of tradition and modernity, KL is a perfect wedding destination for those who want the best of both. It is an epitome of a progressive and sophisticated city with its bustling streets and shining offices. Kuala Lumpur has an irresistible aura to it. The urban city offers great hotels, value for money shopping, delicious food and numerous other activities. It is one of those cities where one is never short of “places to see” and “things to do”.


Langkawi is the most stunning and unspoiled island in Malaysia. The island gets its name from the russet eagles that fly atop it. It is couched against the backdrop of mountains and ancient lakes with a tropical climate. Covered in sand and surrounded by turquoise water, Langkawi is a treat to sore eyes known as lover’s paradise.


Called the “Pearl of the Orient”, Penang provides a view of Malaysia’s culture through its various temples. For couples who want to wed amongst the rich culture of Malaysia, Penang is the most appropriate destination. It is home to marvelous beaches and breathtaking sights. You could walk among ancient trees, along natural trails and explore the scenic beauty of Penang. Only about an hour’s flight from Kuala Lumpur.

These are the place across Malaysia where you can plan your destination wedding and make it fabulous.

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