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Creative and Fun Decor Ideas for Indian Wedding

Now days, couples are personalizing their Wedding with creative decoration more than ever, while also focusing on ways to offer a memorable experience for their guests. Indian Weddings are often renowned for their abundance of lavish decor, which can often make it an overwhelming during the planning process.

Indian Wedding

Here are some ideas to share with  creative and fun décor ideas for Indian wedding to consider while planning for the wedding of your dreams:

Decorate Path with Flower Petal Aisles

From the bright marigolds and classic roses, to the delicate orchids, the options are endless when it comes to floral petal aisles. Adorning the aisle with the flower petals of your choice will make your grand entrance become the talk of the town.

Flowers Decorated Getaway Car

Some of the brides have the idea of decorating their wedding getaway car with cutesy signs or a slew of cans are just not in fashion. Instead, consider lush garlands and floral bouquets to make it a grand and luxurious exit you deserve.

Small or Tall  Lamps (Diva) Stands

Divas are oil lamps that are used for prayers in the wedding ceremonies, however they can be as good as decor. Whether used as tall stands on the welcome tables or near a sweetheart table, the divas will definitely add to the romantic ambiance. Your venue will like the use of the battery tea lights, as they are fire-safe.

Decoration Bells Arch

For the sake of merriment and good luck, an odd numbered arrangement of chiming bells can adorn the stage or the marriage gazebo. Plus, guests can rings the bells as you bid good night!

Decorated still Traditional Pots in Wedding Stage

In today’s modern Indian wedding, stacked clay or steel pots painted in your choice of colors, are a popular addition. These pots are not only on-trend, but a great way to your heritage.

Rangoli(Design of colors)

Rangoli is an art to use sand, flour or rose petals to create floor-based designs. These works of art enhance the décor of the wedding hall entrances and by the end of the wedding, it disappears as the guests pass by or over them.

Flower Streamers

Ribbons or crystal gems became classical today, when you can use garlands of flowers to decorate the sweetheart table, the backdrop or the stage. It looks batter not only in photos, but also looks amazing wedding trends!

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the extravagant and over-to-top décor ideas that are available to the Indian bride-to-be. The above mix of creative and traditional décor inspirations will assist you to make your wedding planning process a bit more fun as well as unforgettable for your guests.

Choose perfect wedding planner who make ambiance as well as save cost

When we plan for a wedding, choose perfect wedding planner for wedding ambiance and decoration is most important thing for event. The first thing which impacts look out of your wedding is budget, it decides how many events are to be held in the wedding and how much cost would be of it.

Nothing saves cost like cutting down the number of function. Many couple opt to have wedding early in the evening, followed by the reception. Similarly you could combine the “Mahendi function” with the “Sangeet”. Wedding planner with their industry knows can help couple determine the best venue, vendors and creative ideas with their specific budget in mind. They also make sure that your event is handled to perfection and they bear all stress so you can enjoy your celebrations with your guests without fretting about the countless little things that make for a successful wedding.

Wedding Invitation and Card distribution

The Invite is the first thing your guest will see it and sets the tone for the wedding. Opt an invite that is not oversized or letter pressed and you’ll save lot of money. If your relatives/friends are internet-savvy, send them invitation by e-mail, video invites are in vogue and great option as they are personal.

Choose Wedding Venue

Select venue that has lot of character and built-in beauty as this allows you to create an ambiance without spending too much. If you’re serving alcohol at your wedding, choose a venue that allows you to bring your own liquor, wine and beer. Choose one venue for all your events means less hassle for your guest and more saving for you because of you will get better price from the venue.

Wedding Decorations and Ambiance

In India, we have the options of using native flowers such as marigolds, roses, rajnigandhas and jasmines. Which are also fragrant, adding to the mood and traditional festivities. Reserve the imported flowers like orchids, lilies and hydrangeas for the more formal and western function like reception and cocktail evenings. Flowers and drapes can be seen and appreciated in the daylight. For evening function play with lot of lighting.

Food and Catering Arrangement

The big Indian wedding is incomplete without a scrumptious meal. It not only forms a very large part of the wedding budget, but getting it right critical to the success of the day because apart from fondly remembering how lovely the couple looked, the one other thing that sticks in the minds of guests is what the was like. Arrange for options to suit variety of taste buds. Avoid live counters as they entail extra cost and are time consuming.

Vintage Ideas for Wedding Décor Styling

Why not to opt for something old and creative over something new but cliche? It’s easy to give your day a vintage touch, Trust us, it’s all about the detailed little touches. You can pick up a few of these insider tips mentioned below to help you incorporate a touch of vintage into your wedding decor stylying. Our experts say that having a unique vintage-inspired wedding requires lots of patience and plenty of sourcing from different places in order to give a look that stands out.

Follow these 7 ways to add a vintage touch to your decor:


Lighting Up with illuminating marquee letters- For real fashionable vintage wow factor, add light up marquee letters. This gives tremendous impression on the guests and your network.

  • Get Antique Globes- Adorn your gift table with a gorgeous globe or other vintage stuff which could be found in charity shops or antique fairs.

  •   Bring in flower theme with Colour Vintage Colour choice is very important. Vintage pastels like yellows, greens, pinks and purples work well together. This is one of the oldest way of greeting guests.

  • The Style of Vintage Drinking– For a fashionable vintage touch, have a silver drinks tray or trolley at your celebration or reception with old-fashioned spirits and cut crystal glassware. The look itself reflects the theme you are flaunting on.

  • Dress Up Your Old Novels – Old books which you have purchased at the local library long time ago can be tied with ribbon, twine or pearls and placed on the tables. The small things that you could do will work together to give a look for the vintage.

  • Show Off Your Family Heirlooms – Place a vintage touch on your wedding décor by using family heirlooms or borrowing things such as , jewellery, teacups, crocheted doilies, hats, gloves, or tablecloths from your loved ones

Capture Old Photo Memories– Take photos of your parents on their wedding day and display it in old frames.

How to Organize a Banquet Service


Here are some ideas which I want to share for how to organize a banquet service. If you are renting a hall for the banquet, check the kitchen available for your use and make sure all required thing are available in stock. Organize the table and seating and make sure these are enough as per the invitees. If the banquet is self-service, consider having doubles of each dishes so guest can use both side of the table for smoother traffic.

Banquet Hall

After observing banquet, next step should be to make the plan for food service. First of all you should prepare the menu, make the list of all the dishes which you would like to see on the banquet table. Whether you are cooking by yourself or arranging a caterer, you must acknowledge that how many dishes are being offered both hot and cold in order to display on the table.

Banquet Chairs and Table Arrangement

You might like to provide Indian dishes in order not to become overwhelmed. It should start with 2-3 hot dishes then serve salad or slice with hot dishes and in the end, desserts. This will provide your guests to eat with convenience. Banquet service cannot be completed by one person, you will have to hire catering staff or have a group or volunteers to help out. You should choose a group or people whom you know have experience in banquet service.

Food Counter Arrangement

In the end, reserve a separate area for beverages. Organize a table well-stocked with self-serve coffee, water, juice can be placed near food table. You can arrange  bar tenders for alcoholic beverages. One more thing which you cannot avoid is, an organizer that all the light and decoration is well organized and according to ambience. Make sure all the arrangement done proper and mandatory service should not be missing. That’s it. All is well that ends well.

Pleased Guests by Services


Plan a Romantic Destination Wedding In spite of Traditional One

Right Venue for Your Wedding

Wedding is a dream of girl which she starts dreaming from childhood that one day will arrive when I will feel like a princess and my prince charming will be mine forever. With time and tide a little girl grew up but when her wedding day arrives she really wants to see herself as princess. There are thousands of dreams in her eyes regarding wedding, she will dress-up beautiful wedding dress, and her ornaments would matches to her dress, her beautician will make her like a queen and when people will see her and say wow! The bride is so pretty!

Wedding Decoration

But wedding is not complete without ambiance and decoration. There should be dance, fun, enjoyment decoration according to the atmosphere, food and catering service must be well. If this is not done properly, all is waste. Only the perception of status is high but the reality is something else.

Wedding Venue Ideas

Venue is one of the dreams  wherein bride and groom are meeting to make their dream come true. Now, the days are changed , people are found that doing wedding on destination in spite of doing tradition wedding, they are planning to make destination wedding to make their wedding most romantic and unique. Isn’t it awesome idea to go far from home and marry dream man!

Destination Weddings Flowers

In past time people were suffering many problems and avoid destination wedding but in present our thinking and trend has changed. People love to go far from home for their wedding. They hire destination wedding decorator and planner service, they take care of everything from start to end and guest and relative would enjoy wedding. Dreaming wedding is different thing and make dream come true is also different. For making it true you will required wedding planner who makes ambience and décor awesome and event successful.

Romantic Destination Wedding Decor

It is saying “All is well that ends well”. The wedding at your place or at destination but the main thing is ambience and decoration is as important as bride and groom’s looks. In the end of the wedding people would like to be pleased and happy